My first Post on my Newest Blog

Starting a new blog can be a scary thing, at times. Will anyone read my words, does anyone care what I want to tell them?

But I had to begin this blog, to advertise my new book, which will be published soon. I’m hoping the book will be launched late in August, this year. There are still a couple of things that need to be done before the book can be launched. I need copies of it for starters! I’ve written the text, the illustrations are in place, and the front cover is done. So tick, tick, tick for all of that. Next comes the back blurb, and then printing the copies, so I can sell them.

This memoir was written in verse, and it has some poems in it, as well as an illustration to begin each chapter. The illustrations were done by South Australian cartoonist and illustrator, Simon Kneebone. The photographs on the cover (front and back) were done by South Australian poet, theatre person and photographer, Martin Christmas. I received funding from Arts SA Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust to pay for a marvellous mentor Ray Tyndale to help me with the verse. (any lack with the verse is my fault, not Ray’s)

So that’s what this is all about – one sufferer reaching out to others, and hoping to build a community to help us all to live well with MS!


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