More to Life than Food

Today, for me was a day of feeding my soul more than my body. My body did some work, but so did my brain, my brain and my imagination.

I live close enough to Adelaide to be able to get there in only one hour, and today my husband (Graham) and I visited the Waterhouse Art Prize exhibition at the Museum. This event is an important one in the art world, occurring annually. Graham and I have visited it for the past three years. Graham has been there in earlier years, but 2011 was my first time, and I’ve loved going every time since then.

We seem to be building a collection of Science/Nature related art, having purchased paintings in the previous two years, and another two paintings this year. It feels good to be the owners of some interesting pieces of artwork.

Going to the Museum meant I had to do a bit of walking, and then obviously I had to walk around the gallery to see the art. I found it a pleasant way to get exercise…

I did my Wii Fit exercises this morning too, 33 minutes worth this time. Some of the exercises are harder workouts, a couple are more fun, and easier. I’m glad that my Wii Fit program is back on track, and I’ve been posting details on my Facebook page, so that my friends can see what I’m doing, and so I know they’ll notice if I don’t do my Wii Fit!

Testing my body and my brain both feel like excellent things for me to do!


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