A bit of an oops!

I have too many blogs, I think. I wrote a great post about motivation for exercising in winter, and posted it to my blog (one of my blogs). It was supposed to be this blog though, but it was actually another one. This one.

So if you’d like to read about getting motivated to exercise in winter, when it’s cold, why not go along to that other blog – it’s a friendly blog, called Garden dog, and it has interesting things there. Well, I found them interesting to write anyway!

Now I’m actually going to do some exercising on our family Wii Fit machine. I’ve motivated myself! It’s all Good!



One thought on “A bit of an oops!

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    I did in fact go away, and I did 36 minutes of Wii Fit exercises. When I’d finished, I rewarded myself with a totally yummy hot chocolate drink with a marshmallow in it. Lovely! And now it’s time for my second cup of coffee for the day, and a piece of fruit!



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