Do you love trees?


I do, I love them very much. I am a few different things, and lover of Nature is certainly one of those things.

I love Nature, especially trees, clouds and birds. I spend some time almost every day, and certainly at least once a week, contemplating Nature in a meditative way. I sometimes sit on our front veranda, watching birds and clouds and trees. The tree on this page was the focus of a recent article I wrote.

I am the editor of the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle. This publication is a newsletter published monthly, and focused on the town of Mallala. I have lived in the Mallala district since late 1988. We moved out there from a lovely cottage in St Morris, so that we could begin breeding dogs.

At the time, my husband Graham and I were involved in showing dogs, and breeding them seemed to be a natural progression. We moved to the country with our pure bred Schnauzer, and our crossbred dog, and the dog breeding/showing began.

At that time, we didn’t have any children, and I wasn’t going to have any kids, I wanted to go on breeding and showing dogs for the rest of my life. My body had other thoughts though, and soon enough I was getting quite desperate to be a real mum, not just the dog’s mum. Nature took its time, but soon enough, we were blessed with a human baby for me to care for.

I resigned from work and settled down to be a stay-at-home mum. That was nearly twenty years ago – we all settled in to living in the country (the only home our son has ever known), and we did our best to become ‘country people’. I found that I loved this country life, where the sun and the wind and rain were more important than climbing any corporate ladder (for me anyway, Graham still had that climb to do for many more years).

Things were going well, but between us, we found many other things to do on the weekend, and the dog showing thing lost its interest to us. In the meantime though, we’d taken on another dog breed – the Pharaoh Hound, breeding a couple of litters, but that wasn’t enough to keep us heading off to the dog shows.

We still have one Schnauzer, and we have three Pharaoh Hounds. They’re pet dogs now, and we’re all enjoying ourselves. I’ve become ever more interested in creative writing, and Graham and Jake are both involved in the Mallala Lawn Bowls club. They both have other things that are important to them too. We’re far too busy for dog shows!

So life is going well, but of course there are always things that happen that might throw a spanner in the works. My spanner in the words has been multiple sclerosis (ms). This chronic illness came along in early 2010, and it’s still there, making my life, our lives, a bit more challenging. 

MS is an illness that causes the body’s immune system to attack the Central Nervous System (CNS). It causes lesions/scarring along the linings of the CNS. This causes nerve impulses not to go where they should go, or to be halted. As a result, various parts of the body don’t work properly in people with MS.

There are various medications that may help to slow the progression of this disease, abut at this point, there is still no cure. I’m living well enough with MS. I’m on a new medication that seems to be controlling my ms, so that my body can heal some of the scarring, and my disability is somewhat lessened. I still can feel the disability though – when I get stressed or get too hot, my symptoms come back to haunt me…

Watching Nature helps me to conquer stress, most of the time. Sitting and watching the trees, like the one here, helps me to stay serene…


One thought on “Do you love trees?

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    In my memoir, Mick, Jane and Me, Living Well With MS, I talk about some of this, my love for Nature. I also talk about sitting by our fish pond, just sitting and watching the fish, the birds and the clouds. It’s such a peaceful way to spend time. Nothing to worry about, just peace.
    The picture at the top of this page, that surrounds the top of the page is actually a photo I took from my seat by the fish pond. It shows a lovely sky with clouds, and some of our lovely trees.



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