Re-starting my Exercise program

I had a 12 day holiday, but yesterday I switched on the family Wii Fit machine and got back on track. I have MS (multiple sclerosis) and have been told, by several people well learned in such things, that I should exercise.

So, that was three years ago, that my neurologist advised I should try to exercise more, to help with my disability from MS. “Use it or Lose it” is what he said, meaning that if I don’t move around more, I may lose my ability to move around.

So since then, I’ve been working out with our Wii Fit machine. I began just trying exercises out, to see what I was capable of doing. I’d certainly used the Wii Fit machine before I was struck down with MS. I wasn’t able to do as well as I have previously, but I could steadily improve my scores.

Life gets in the way of my exercises sometimes, I lose interest, or as now, cold weather makes me want to just curl up somewhere warm. I live in Australia, where we are in our last month of winter. It seems to have been a cold winter. I’ve seen many people in Australia who have MS say the same thing. I’m not sure if this winter has been colder than usual, it just feels that way.

But, cold weather or not, I should do my exercises, for my own good. So, yesterday, as I wrote, I switched the Wii Fit machine back on. I did 10 minutes of exercises yesterday, and 20 minutes today. I have a weight loss target that I set a while back, when I was regularly doing these exercises. 

The Wii Fit machine seems to thing I can still meet this target, but I’m not so sure. It won’t matter if I don’t make the target – getting fitter is my goal, rather than losing weight. I also do the Daily Challenge at this website, well I try to do them every day. I consider that every little bit I do is doing me good.

Some people with MS need to use a wheelchair to get around. I’ve needed that only once so far, and that was soon after I first collapsed with MS. I feel much better now than I did then. I’m hoping that a wheelchair is never needed again!



4 thoughts on “Re-starting my Exercise program

  1. Overwhelmed By Joy

    If you have a walker, it works great with the Wii fit. I place it on the outer sides so I can hold on and do many more exercises. My physical therapist does this with many of her MS patients. If balance isn’t an issue, you should still see some benefit from it. Best wishes!


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Thanks for that bit of advice – I don’t know why, but I never think to do this. The walker and the balance board are only a few metres apart but I don’t think of having the walker there in case I need it. I suspect I’m still in denial a bit, about my disease.
      Doing the Wii Fit regularly does help me to keep active and able to do things though. I’ll put my walker there next to me the next time I switch the Wii Fit machine back on (this afternoon).


      1. carolyncordon Post author

        I know I said I’d get my walker involved in my Wii Fit exercises, but when the time came around today, I completely forgot! Gosh, I must have cognitive dysfunction or something! My walker has a name, by the way. His name is Taylor. Fans of the Adelaide Crows Australian Rules Football club will understand! 🙂


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