Book Launch – Memoir about My MS

Image Well, starting today, the word is out. I was at the PwMS meeting today, and let those present know the date and time for my book launch. It was something I needed to do, as these people are certainly people I wish to get word out to. The PwMS group are people who have MS and are there to give feedback to the board of MS Society SA & NT.

The person who edits the Network (newsletter for MS Society SA & NT) was there, as was the CEO (who is launching my book for me). Obviously, I want these important people to know the details.

So what are those book launch details? Well, my book “Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS” will be launched at the Tea Tree Gully Library in South Australia on 28 August, 3.00 pm.

This library does terrific book launches, and I’m looking forward to it (as well as being a bit nervous!) So, this is my first memoir, and I put a lot of myself into the writing of it. It’s the book I wanted to read when I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2010. But that book wasn’t anywhere. I’ve written it now, and I hope my memoir can help other people with MS.

So, do I think I know everything there is to know about MS? No, I certainly don’t think that. My memoir is simply MS from my own position, and including a little research about this crazy chronic illness. Everyone with MS can be different. It all depends on where in your Central Nervous System your immune system has attacked. It also depends on how much of the damage your body has been able to repair.

I’m fortunate – my previous medication helped a little, and my current medication is helping a lot more. I know of other people who have had a similar medication regime who are finding it difficult. There’s no way of knowing how each person’s body will react…

I’ve been trying to help my body out by eating relatively well, and increasing my exercise level. I hope these things, coupled with my medication (Gilenya), will help me to continue on at least as well as I’m going right now. I’m glad that I can honestly say this: I am Living Well with MS!

I will be donating $2 to the MS Society SA & NT for every copy of ‘Mick, Jane and Me’ sold. Cost is $20, plus postage. If you are interested in having a copy but can’t get to my book launch, contact me by email, and we can work it out.


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