More About Wii Fit Exercises

Hello again people. I have committed yet again to my Wii Fit exercise program. For those who don’t know anything about Wii Fit, it is a game, a program, a way of regularly working to keep fit in your own home.

When you purchase the Nintendo Wii Fit game, you get the disc and a balance board. You put the disc in and turn on your TV. There are different exercises, and you work your way through them, standing on the balance board so that the Wii Fit person on the TV knows how well (or badly) you go!

The exercises help with Balance, Strength, Aerobic Ability. The machine keeps track of your weight and BMI, and lets you know how long you have exercised with the program every time you switch it on and get exercising.

When I first became ill with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2010, I certainly didn’t feel capable of doing anything at all, let alone with the Wii Fit machine. Slowly though, I got a little strength and began to try some of the easier things with Wii Fit.

I’d begun using Wii Fit the year before, it was a new game for the family, we’d all connected with the game and had our own avatar (Mii) there. We also had our top scores and so on, so there were results I could aim at bettering, both my own scores and the scores of the other two family members.

Having MS means I have muscle weakness on my right side, I have issues with balance and I have mild cognitive issues. Wii Fit helps me with these things. I am better balanced now than I was when MS first hit me in a big way. I’m a little stronger now on my right side. And the cognitive issues? Well, at least the Wii Fit machine keeps the records about what exercises I’ve done for me…

I heartily recommend Wii Fit, and Wii Fit Plus. The latter is an extension of Wii Fit. Nintendo released ‘Plus’ after the original game became popular, giving new exercises to do. It doesn’t replace the original game, but extends it. Some of my favourite Wii Fit exercises are Wii Fit Plus exercises. A special favourite is the Snowball challenge, where your Mii must throw snowballs at a cast of characters, including some who appear to be snowmen. Lots of fun, and a bit energetic too!

I certainly feel these Wii Fit exercises are helping me to keep mobile and relatively sane! I know I haven’t got to the stage of being completely committed to it yet though. I have too many days where I have plenty of time to do the Wii Fit exercises, but just don’t do them. That’s not good enough. I want to be properly committed. I’ve been at that stage before, I was at the stage where if I didn’t do my exercises in the morning, I felt that something was missing in my life.

That was before winter came along. I’m afraid the cold mornings make it too attractive to stay in the lounge room, and not go into the room where the Wii Fit machine is waiting for me. The days are getting warmer though…


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