First Public Reading

So, today I attended the Disability Public Literary Session at the SA Writers Centre. It was an amazing morning, with amazing people there to read their work. If anyone ever tells you people with disabilities are a waste of resources, tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about. These people are terrific!

The works read today were amazing. The attendees read from their written works – novels, memoir, autobiography – everyone had a story to share. Great stuff. I’m astounded at the strength of the writing of the people there. All people with disabilities, all with outstanding abilities!

Sharon Kernot is the person who coordinates the disability program at the SA Writers Centre, with some funding from the Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust. Sharon does a great job, and I’m so grateful for all she does, discussing writing projects, helping with grants applications and lots of other things.

I read a part of my new memoir today. The response was better than I’d imagined, and it makes me feel more confident about the whole verse memoir book. It seems my words have some verse-like attributes after all! Of course I read a piece that was more airy fairy and fluffy, not down and dirty. I chose the right piece for the right audience, as a good writer should!

That’s the first reading of my memoir done, two more to go – Sunday 25 August at the Gawler Poets at the Pub (Prince Albert Hotel 2 – 4 pm, Murray Street Gawler) and then Wednesday 28 August at the Tea Tree Gully library 3 – 4 pm 571 Montague Road Modbury).

I’ll have the memoir there with me, and I’m hoping sales go so well I’ll need to speak to the printer to organise another print run!


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