More News on Book Launch

Sometimes I wonder how tightly my head is screwed on. Today it feels like it’s coming undone!

I wrote a post all about my upcoming book launch, giving various details and so on. I was happy with the post and telling myself how clever I was, and then I realised I’d actually posted it to the wrong blog, again!

This is a link to where that post is. I hope you follow the link and read about it. I have a few possible excuses for my actions, but why bother listing them. It happened, I’ve dealt with it, not much more to say about it, really. 

I’m toying with the idea of becoming a buddhist, and the point of view in the last paragraph seems the right way. I’m in the very early stages of this buddhist path, and I’ve thought about humanism too. Basically, living a good life, and helping others, without any need for a god is what my overarching ideal is. Whatever that is called, that is what I am.

I can see that this book, a memoir aimed at helping others travelling the same path as me, will be an ongoing role for me, at least for the next few months. I want to launch the book and then go around to groups to talk about the book, sharing my words, and giving others the chance to share their stories too. I believe deeply in the enormous good found in being able to tell your story to people who listen properly to what you have to say.

I’ve found comfort in having my story heard, and I know others who have found the same comfort. It’s a thing that’s been proven to help, it’s not just an airy fairy idea of mine, it’s true. So, I’ll be touring around to relevant places, reading from my memoir, and allowing others the chance to share stories with me and others too. It seems like a good thing to do.



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