Mick and Jane are very excited about their big day happening soon!



ImageImageMick and Jane had a kind of rehearsal on Sunday, a mini launch of sorts. There were interested people, and there were words spoken. There wasn’t the book that they feature on and in though. You can have a book launch without a book, but the organisers decided not to go down that path.

Instead, that day included Carolyn Cordon giving a reading from her manuscript of her verse memoir ‘Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS’, on Sunday 25 August at the Gawler Poets at the Pub Prince Albert Hotel. Mick and Jane were a little concerned that Carolyn seemed so well known and comfortable at that hotel, and wondered a little about how and why that works so well for her …

Anyway, the event they’re excited about is at a far ‘nicer’ venue, a place where books, not booze, take precedence. This book the memoir is still not quite here yet, but Dave the Printer has assured Carolyn that the handover of the book will occur in plenty of time for the big book launch. He spoke to Carolyn is such a soothing manner, she seems to have calmed down, just a little …

It seems things are going well, with the memoir apparently getting bound today. Jane got a little bit silly at the thought of this ‘binding’, but Mick told her it wasn’t THAT kind of binding, and she settled down again. Sometimes Jane gets quite flighty. It’s a good thing Mick is such a sensible chap…

So, come Wednesday, the book launch will be on, and Mick and Jane and the memoir of course, will all be on show, to be admired by the crowds there to help to launch Carolyn’s first non-fiction book. Mick thinks it’s about time she moved away from the fiction (lies) she’s been writing in the past …



4 thoughts on “Mick and Jane are very excited about their big day happening soon!

  1. Martin Christmas

    Mick and Jane, never forget that once you were just canes. Now you are superstars. Remember that ‘she’ made you what you have become. Honour the CC on Wednesday. Jane don’t forget your alluring perfume. Mick, a couple of bench presses wouldn’t go amiss. You were looking a tad wooden on Sunday. MC


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Mick and Jane have heard your words Martin, and they’ve thought on them. Mick took your ‘wooden’ jibe hard, but he’s stiffened up and will be a man of steel tomorrow! And dear Jane, such a pretty lady, she’ll primp and preen, and it will all be gorgeously fragrant!


  2. carolyncordon Post author

    Well, didn’t Mick and Jane perform well yesterday! I’m ever so grateful they were such troopers, guarding my books well, and not letting anyone take a copy without handing over the cash! Of course, they’re both busting to go out for their next big thing! That may happen soon, Carolyn is currently in talks with a book shop interested in doing something. Cheers to Jane from the Covet Australia bookshop https://www.facebook.com/covet.australia Looking forward to that coffee and chat on Saturday!


  3. carolyncordon Post author

    Mick and Jane came out with me again last Sunday! I was the guest reader at the Gawler Poets at the Pub, so I brought along copies of my memoir, and I brought the stars of the front cover too. Mick and Jane behaved perfectly, I’m so proud of them both!



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