On Contemplating Another Print Run

When one is a self-publisher, one is in charge of making all of the decisions regarding the published book. My most recent book, the one this blog is all about, has been launched and bought by others. It’s been sent to libraries, and now my job is to sell or find new homes for copies of my book. 

The selling is going well, as far as I know. I have copies out in various places, available for purchase, and I am yet to check up on how those sales are going. That will be a task for next week. I plan to visit most of the MS Peer Support groups in South Australia (the ones that aren’t too far away). Another task for next week then is to contact all of the groups I want to visit, and arrange things…

This is fun stuff, and I’m very much looking forward to meeting up with friends, both ones I already have and others who will become friends once we meet! One of my big decisions to make soon, is when or whether to order another print run of my book. The initial print run was for 100 copies, and I now personally have about twenty copies left in my possession.

The MS Society SA & NT will have an article about my book in its next issue of Network Magazine. I expect I will receive some enquiries from people about getting hold of their own copy, well, that’s what I HOPE for anyway! 

This is fun, and I’m being careful about the money received from book sales, so I can pay for the next print run. I was fortunate, and was the recipient of a ‘Choice’ award from the MS Society SA & NT. My award went to having 100 copies of my verse memoir about my new life with MS, printed for free. The printer was the Society’s printer, and I’m thrilled with the great job they did printing this book.

For my next print run though, I will have to pay for the printing. At this stage I don’t know what it will cost. So another task for next week, or the week after, is to ring the printer, and talk costs with them. I’m looking forward to getting it all going…

The photo here is me making a point at my book launch. 



photo by Martin Christmas


4 thoughts on “On Contemplating Another Print Run

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    Hmm, I’ve just re-read this blog post, and realised I’d forgotten about ringing the printer. I think now would be a good time to give the printer a call. And I think ‘soon’ had better turn into ‘now’ quite soon!


  2. carolyncordon Post author

    Hmm, still no phone call made to my printer, but I’m not stressed about that. There are sufficient copies spread around the place to cover any enquiries I have for the next month or so, I feel. No need to fill up my house with box after box of books…


  3. carolyncordon Post author

    Today I rang the printer of my memoir. We chatted and I’ve been told Vern, the printer, will give me a call early next week, to tell me what it will cost me.
    All I have to do now is make sure I have the money to pay for them! I’ve been careful with the money I’ve been getting for the copies of my book, so I think I’ll be OK. I’m thrilled that I’ve come close to selling all of the first print run, and expect I’ll do OK with the second print run too.



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