Working hard(ish) at becoming famous!

I say working hard(ish), rather than working hard without the qualifying suffix, because I’m not really working that hard at becoming famous. I’m not really sure what else I could be doing, but I’m hardly working hard at it. 

I’ve handed out flyers advertising my services as a Public Speaker, and I’ve made some connections on LinkedIn, but that’s about it. I’m not dependant on making a wage, so it’s not right up there on my list of things I must do, to keep the house, and keep the family fed. Taking it easy, and not stressing about things, that’s the way I most prefer to live my life. There’s enough money coming in, so it’s all good…

That phrase, “It’s All Good” is one that speaks to me. There are so many good things in my life – family, friends, the plants outside, birds, trees, our dogs. It’s all good. This becoming famous thing, that’s good too. I may not be the most famous person with MS, but I’m at least known to the MS Society SA & NT, and I’m hoping to do some Public Speaking things for them in the future. I’ve handed over my card to one of the relevant people, and I’m happy to wait and see what comes of it.

I suspect I’ll never become as famous as that other person with MS, who has recently had a show on in Melbourne, and who already is quite well known. That person is Tim Ferguson, who was a part of The Doug Anthony All Stars. They were on TV and did live shows. I always found them clever and funny, so I don’t feel too badly about my shot at fame being more difficult than Tim Ferguson’s.

Tim has recently has/had a show called ‘Carry a Big Stick. This show deals in part with his life with MS (multiple sclerosis). He’s recently published a book with the same title. I’ve recently published a book too, self-published it, in fact. My first print run is almost sold out, and I’ve begun talks with the printer for a second print run. My book is called ‘Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS’, and surprise, surprise, it’s a memoir dealing with my new life, living with MS.

My print run was for 100 books. I strongly suspect Tim’s first print run was in four figures, not three figures. He may make thousands of dollars from book sales. I’m happy to cover costs and have enough money for another print run, if I think there’s a need for more copies…

I’m not a TV star, I’m not a star of the stage, I’m not a comedian who people pay money to go and see. I’m a poet and writer, living in a small country town, and reaching out to others, in the hope I may have ideas that are interesting and useful to them. I think my life is a worthy one, and I hope other people can agree with me. That’s it. I am me, Tim Ferguson is Tim Ferguson. I’m happy with the life I have and I hope he can say the same about his life.


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