Marketing Your Own Book

filename - CopyWhen a writer steps out from their computer screen, and has to promote their book, they often find it a little difficult. Fortunately, their publisher is there to help them, making appointments, giving them books and even accompanying them for author book signing events. When the writer is a self-publishing author though, things are quite different…

I knew these things, well before I chose to self-publish my most recent book, “Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS”. I knew it and I’ve done my best to embrace the whole self-marketing thing. I have other people helping me, it’s not all done by me, from the pics on front and back cover, to the style of the writing within, and of course the great illustrations, I had help with it all. Even with the marketing, I’ve had assistance.

I’m thankful to everyone who’s helped me. The MS Society SA & NT helped a lot – through them, I received a MS Choice award, which involved the Society’s printer offering to print 100 copies of my book. This most welcome offer has saved me hundreds of dollars. The Society has also put an article about my book in their latest Network magazine. I’m hoping to engender some interest in the book from that.

Basically, every chance I get, I have my book with me and available for others to read, and consider… The book launch I had was terrific, and I certainly sold many books there. It was held at the Tea Tree Gully Library. This wonderful library holds many such events for local writers, and I thank them too. This library is our family’s personal library, even though it’s not that close to where we live. There are many, many libraries in between my home and Tea Tree Gully. That’s how good I think the library is!

In the back of my car, I have my book, in my handbag I have my book. Almost every time I go out, I have a copy of my book available. That’s what you do when you’re a self-publisher. I’m also promoting myself as a Public Speaker. Whenever I go for a public speaking gig, I’ll have copies of my book/books available. Spreading the word about myself, and my personal story/stories, that’s part of my job as a writer. It comes with the self-publishing territory. Fortunately, I like talking about myself!


3 thoughts on “Marketing Your Own Book

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    If people keep saying I’m an inspiration, I’m in danger of getting big-headed John! I’m simply doing the best I can to get my word out. I have to admit, I actually love to see my work and/or my name in print, even if I have to publish it myself.



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