Normal Life, or Near-Normal, Anyway

After my lofty blog post all about self-publishing, life has gone back to being ordinary … So what is this blog post going to be about? It’s going to be about cooking spag bog, otherwise known as spaghetti bolognese.

We decided I would be the one to make tea tonight, and the tea I would make is spag bog. This used to be my signature dish, made slowly and with much care. Then MS (multiple sclerosis) came along, and my dear husband Graham took over as cook. I’m feeling better now, than I was when the family made the shift though, so I was happy enough to agree to cooking tonight.

And, having finished our tea, which I will now call dinner, because such a fine repast deserves such a fancy name, I can say it felt good to be using my creativity to make our food again. I’m not saying I want to take over as full time cook, but every now and then, I’ll step up if and when needed. Graham makes spag bog for the three of us sometimes, but he makes it differently to me. I’m not saying mine is better than his, I’m just saying they’re different.

I’ve written a bit about the importance of creativity in cooking. I’m a creative person, and focussing on the creativity of it all, hides the drudgery of the whole thing. I still help with doing the dishes, if I’m there when Graham washed them, I’m always there with the tea towel if I’m home.

Housework and the hassle of coming up with something different to cook for tea is a trial, and I know Graham feels it. I’m happy to help out when I can. I don’t always feel like I can do much, sometimes the fatigue hits, and I have to sit down or else I’ll fall down. I’m so lucky to have my spouse there, and acting as my carer too. If Graham wasn’t here with me, I know I’d been in terrible trouble.

I also know it’s up to me to ensure Graham stays here with me, and that he knows how much I love him, and appreciate all he does to help. Two of my friends have recently been ‘kicked out’, and there husbands have walked away from their (quite long) marriages. The thought of Graham doing this feels me with horror. I love Graham still, after being together for about thirty years. 

It was good at the start, and it’s still good, though much different, now. Life continues getting better and better, even though it’s slowed down…


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