Just Because the Doctor Says So, Doesn’t Make it True!

not a death sentence

Click on the link and read Heather’s wonderfully positive story.

We all have the ability to live our own lives, in the best way we find we can. Doctors work on statistics and probabilities. People though, people can live on hopes and dreams and sheer force of will. I was contacted by a man, Cameron, who is the loving carer for a super special lady, Heather.

Heather was given a death sentence by the medical world, but she still lives on, years longer than she should have, according to them. Obviously, Heather has received medical help from other medical people, but if she’d just accepted the first words she was given, she may not still be living a great life with family and friends.

Why am I writing about this? I’m writing about this because I can see so much positivity in the sharing of this story. Positivity is what keeps me going, and positivity is what keeps Heather going. Positivity, family, friends and a hope for a great future as well as a great life right now! It’s our health, our responsibility and if we just accept what the negative medical people say, we may never reach the heights we’re capable of reaching!


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