OK, I’m Back On Track (Again)

Yesterday, after an eight day break, I switched on my Wii Fit machine and did a 30 minute work out. Today I did the same thing, switched the machine on and started the exercise program – 35 minutes this time! I realise, of course, that jogging for 30 minutes would burn more calories, but jogging and I are not friends. I have one crook knee, and have no interest in sweating like a pig.

I like Wii Fit, where I can select the exercises I want to do, based on how I’m feeling, and what I think I should be working on. No one else knows how I’m feeling better than me! So today, I gave the golf game another go, and failed miserably. The time I did that before, about a week and a half ago, my swing was better than today, so I know I can do better than the 100 yard best effort I managed to do today. 

So that’s something to work on – I’m not doing the swing right, it’s not enough of a shift in weight, or something like that. I nearly fell off the balance board trying to get it right today, and then when I checked, the machine told me I was putting too much effort in and should both shift my balance more, and do a more gentle swing. So gentle but effective, with good shift in weight from one side to the other. Or something like that. 🙂

Anyway, I may switch the machine again later today, and concentrate on my swing. I’m not a golfer at all, but I think I can see how people get obsessed about these things. When you’ve done it better before, but can’t work out how or why, well, you just want to work it out!

The change in weight thing, once I work it out, will probably help me with my balance too. When you have what I have, MS (multiple sclerosis), balance becomes an important thing, because trips and falls can be caused by bad balance. My balance now is much better than it was when I first was hit with MS, and I want to keep on improving my balance even more. I really hate falling over, it hurts!

So that’s my life sorted out – get up, breakfast, do Wii Fit for 30 minutes or more, and then I have to report back on my Facebook page, because I told people I would, and my Facebook Friends are keeping a watch on me, to keep me going! That is a huge incentive for me to keep on going. If I know people will be disappointed if I don’t do my exercises, then I’ll make sure I do them!

I love my friends, Facebook and otherwise! Hugs to all!


2 thoughts on “OK, I’m Back On Track (Again)

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    Yes, I switched the Wii Fit machine again today – and this time I did 54 minutes of exercises! I started doing one exercise, but wasn’t happy with my result, so I tried it again, and again, and again.
    Tomorrow, I know I’ll have to keep at it until either I’m too tired to keep going, or I finally ‘get it’! My golf swing is letting me down in a big way.


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Well, I switched the Wii Fit machine on again today, did various exercises, then began the golf exercise again. I’m sad to say my golf swing was actually even worse than it was yesterday… Obviously I need more practice. Or maybe I need to take up the offer of help with it, next time I see the person who offered to help!
      Golf, such a maddening sport!



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