Whether the weather be good…



It’s going to get warmer, and then hot, hot hot later next week. Living with MS and having to work out how to stay cool enough can be a problem for those of us who live in places that have hot weather. I live in South Australia, north of Adelaide, our capital. 

I’ve been looking at the Bureau of Meteorology website, and I was sorry to see the forecast for next week. It’s going to be quite warm, working up to being stinking hot at Roseworthy, which is about 15 km from where I live. The top temperature for Tuesday and Wednesday is 38 degrees celsius. Yuck! 

On Wednesday there may be rain, and with that heat, it’s likely to be horrible and sticky with humidity. I suspect I’ll be looking to stay inside and keep cool. We have excellent air conditioning, and we also have solar panels on our roof. This means we can keep cool, without having to pay too much money to be comfortable.

We still have to pay out for some of our power, but we get a payment for the power our solar panels put into the grid. We also get concessions on our power costs because I am currently on the Disability Support Pension, and my husband is my carer. I hope any new rules the new government brings in won’t take the concessions away from us, but there’s no telling yet how it’s going to go…

There is a payment we haven’t looked into yet though, and that one is from the South Australian government, and it is to assist with heating and cooling for people with disabilities. Given that people with MS almost always have problems when they get too hot, I know I would almost certainly qualify for the payment. 

We’re keeping an eye on that one, but haven’t done anything about it yet. Things are going along OK still, and we can manage how things are at the moment. When disability comes into your life, you often have no idea about who can help you, so you blunder around and sometimes miss out on things you’re entitled to receive. The MS Society SA & NT is one of the organisations that can help, and I’m certainly grateful for all of the help I’ve received from them.

If you have MS but haven’t connected with the MS Society where you live, I strongly recommend you talk to them about your situation, soon. Until you ask for help, you won’t receive any. The MS Society is there to help you, in many different ways. Talk to them…


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