Well, that’s 2013 Done!



What will 2014 bring, do you think? Will there be another drug released into the market to help those of us with MS to live better lives? Or will the new drugs prove to be yet another disappointment for many, as has happened in the past?

Or could 2014 finally be the year that brings us a cure? We can but hope…

And if there was a cure, would it be there for us all? Or would the cure only be available for those who could afford to pay for it? Personally, I don’t think the cure is that close to happening. Even if there is something that could be a cure, it hasn’t shown up yet, as far as I can tell.

If there was something though, there is a process that must be gone through, before a drug is released to the public. And if not a drug, what other form of treatment could bring the cure we’d love to have? Some people swear by various different things to help them live with MS. Diet, exercise, meditation, antibiotics … These things have been claimed to be cures, but are they?

It would be nice if living a healthy life, eating healthy food and exercising and staying away from stress was all it took, but I don’t believe that is the cure, certainly not for all. Prof George Jelinek has done much work on this, and many swear by his methods. The jury is still out on the effectiveness though, and there is still work to be done.

Personally, I’m doing my best to eat healthier food, and less of it. The exercise isn’t happening so much at the moment, but I hope to get back into my own exercise program, starting tomorrow, the first day of the new year. My weight is under control, and my stress level is fairly low. I try to accept what I can’t change, and stay calm as much as I can. 

Life continues to happen though, and stress is always skulking around the dark edges. When bad things happen, I’ll take a deep breath and move on, into a better place to be. My mind isn’t always complaisant though, and the middle sleep hours can be a little fraught, sometimes. Then the sun comes up though, and life can continue on…

What about you? How is your life going? I’d love to know you thoughts about these ideas…


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