Hot Days are Stay Home Days!

So these last few days, I’ve tried to stay inside, where our air conditioner is doing a sterling job of keeping the temperature down to something we can live with. South Australia and some other parts of south east Australia are putting up with terrible hot days and stifling nights. A cool change has been forecast for overnight tonight, and I so hope the forecasters are correct!

Tomorrow we are supposed to have 29 degrees celsius which seems wonderful at the moment. Usually that for me would be too hot for me to do much outside. The way the weather’s been though, that seems cool. When I get too hot, I feel weak and unable to do much. Keeping cool, staying inside, are great, but sometimes I’d love to be able to get outside and get in touch with Nature.

I’ll stick with looking at the trees and plants out side that I can see through the partly pulled back curtain. And I’ll pay attention to our dogs, who all seem quite happy staying inside almost all of the time, on these stinking hot days. Who can blame them for that? I’ve recently applied for the Heating and Cooling Concession the State Government of South Australia has. This will go a long way toward helping with the costs incurred in having the air conditioner running all day and well into the night. I’m glad we have solar panels on our roof – they help keeping the costs down too.

Having multiple sclerosis (MS) is a problem, but I’m grateful it also brings some good things too – the concessions on electricity is one of those. Even without MS, these heat waves are difficult to deal with…

I have one foot that is freezing cold, almost all of the time, no matter what the weather … Silly foot, silly disease!


2 thoughts on “Hot Days are Stay Home Days!

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    If I wasn’t able to wander around Twitter and Facebook, reading things, getting cranky and sending the occasional pithy message, I’d probably be a bit stir crazy too. Hubby and son are spending the day with Game of Drones, or whatever it’s called… So, sex and violence on the TV screen and anger about our stupid government’s treatment of refugees on this screen …
    The joys of having a very good air conditioner!



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