A response to my book


I recently sold a copy of my book to a lovely lady who lives overseas. When you’re a self-publisher with a minimal budget for marketing, sales are always good. But when one of the sales is from someone you only know through a group you’re both members of online, then it’s something extra special! 

Barb Ann doesn’t have MS herself, but she has a friend who has it. This friend is doing it tough at the moment, and Barb Ann is hoping my book might be of help in some way for her friend. I hope it has that effect too. One of the reasons I wanted to write this memoir was to bring a sense of “not being alone” to other people burdened with this disease.

Barb Ann got back to me once the book arrived, and then again after she’d had a chance to read my words. I was thrilled with her response, and asked if I could share with others what she wrote. Barb Ann was more than happy for her words to be shared, so here they are!

 “I enjoyed your book immensely. All done with humor, honesty and encouragement. No matter what the challenge someone is facing that person could read your book and get good vibes.”      Barb Ann, St. James City, Florida


From my connections with Barb Ann, she seems a lovely person – it’s so good to know there are lovely caring people all over the world!



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