Illustration equals Illumination


So what do illustrations add to text? They add Life, Life and Movement and a new dimension to the text they illustrate. When I decided to have my memoir, ‘Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS’ illustrated, I didn’t have an understanding really, of what the illustrations would add to my book.

My illustrator, Simon Kneebone, took my written text, and the words I said to them when we had a ‘chat’ to talk about this project, and he brought them to life. Without the illustrations, my memoir would still have been a good book, but I honestly think adding the illustrations to my words has made it a great book. I’m proud of the book I produced, and I expect Simon Kneebone is proud of the work he did for me for the book.

The next time I write a non-fiction book, I will certainly consider the possibility of bring illustrations into the mix. And it I need an illustrator, my first thought will be for asking Simon is he wishes to be involved with me and my words again!

If you wish to see what Simon can do, check out a SA state government publication. Simon certainly does a lot of work there, good work. He listens and he sees ideas and links. A clever man indeed, and a fine illustrator.


2 thoughts on “Illustration equals Illumination

  1. lastingquiet

    Simon’s work is brilliant. He has such compassion and intelligence. This cartoon is superb. Looking forward to seeing the book.

    Note: I was involved in a project which commissioned Simon to do some work in the early 90’s.


  2. carolyncordon Post author

    Yes, Simon Kneebone is a lovely guy, and his work shows love for humanity in a way that helps to connect people with the text in good ways. I’m extremely pleased with the work he did for my book, and his illustrations certainly help to further humanise my text.



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