Jane the Cane


One thought on “Jane the Cane

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    I went to the International Women’s Day even at the Gawler Racecourse today, and decided to take Jane the Cane with me for an outing. Jane and her companion in caring, Mick the Stick, usually stay in the car when I go out, because I don’t really need them anymore. I thought Jane would enjoy the outing though, and she certainly seemed to be having a good time.

    She may have been a little too excited early on though, because she dropped part of her fancy outfit, and I had to pick up lots of bits and pieces for her. She soon settled down though, and we were both pleased when she was praised for her lovely purple colours. I’m sure Jane was impressed by the speakers on the day. I know I certainly was.

    One speaker, Cintra Amos, seemed to be speaking directly to me – that’s how I felt anyway. While Cintra was speaking, I wrote a message on the inside cover of a copy of my poetry collection “damaged children, Precious Gems”, which I put into my handbag this morning. I had the feeling it may be handy to have one with me and I was right. I spoke with Cintra, and offered the book to her, telling a little of my story about why I felt I had to put the collection together.

    The connection we made was a strong one, and I wouldn’t be surprised to have more to do with this marvellous woman.



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