Today’s Daily Challenge

I receive a new email every day, with a “Daily Challenge” for me to do and to report back on. This morning, my Daily Challenge was this – ‘Share 1 physical activity goal you have for next week’. The following is what I wrote on my Daily Challenge page:

“OK, time to face up to my failing on this and make a goal to improve. My goal then, is to switch on my family Wii Fit machine at least three times every week, starting today, and working my way back to at least half an hour of Wii Fit exercises.

My neurologist said to me, early on in my life with multiple sclerosis, that the adage of “Use It Or Lose It”. applies to people with MS. So the more I do physically, the more I will be able to continue to do. I value my mobility, my ability to walk, so I’m doing myself a favour if I get up and move! The Wii Fit machine is always sitting in its corner, ready to help me!”

I’ve said this and done this quite a few times over the past four years, since my diagnosis with MS in February 2010. Life or laziness get in the way and the Wii Fit machine sits idle in its corner of the next room, as I sit more or less idle here in my computer chair.

The words have been typed and posted both here and on The Daily Challenge website, and my friends there, and my friends here, will help to keep me on track. Making connections and sharing my thoughts, ideas and challenges can help me, and the broader community to get active and stay active, and surely that is a good thing for us all to do!

Keeping my blogs active is a good goal for me too! I’m happy that I posted to one of my other blogs yesterday, and have posted this here today. Who knows what may happen tomorrow! Physical activity, and blogging activity, I hope. That’s the plan, anyway…



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