Some New Ideas I’ve had about Lawn Bowls

Reasons why Lawn Bowls is My Kinda Sport

• There’s no running required at all

• There’s usually coffee and biscuits involved at some stage – sometimes actual meals happen

• It’s a brain game, not a brawn game, which suits the way I think of my abilities

• Most of the time, it’s a cheerful game, with both teammates and opposition congratulating for particularly good bowling

• Even if all looks lost, the final bowl can sometimes win a game

• Carrying the lawn bowls around from house to car to club is good for me

• There’s little risk of unseemly perspiration

• During a game, there are lots of opportunities to sit down

• If it gets too hot or too wet, the game is called off, and all can retire to the clubrooms

• I can still get useful practice going to the club all by myself – no-one else needed

The main thing I love about Lawn Bowls though is this one – Even though I have a chronic illness that sometimes affects me quite a lot, I can still play the game!


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