Every Day List of Things to be Grateful About

This is from my Facebook (FB) Page today. I was reminded about this when I read the FB note of a friend, who wrote about what she was grateful for today. I remembered I was supposed to be writing something similar on FB for five days. So to attempt to make up for my lapse in memory, I’ve decided to take this further, and put it here on this blog.

The memory lapse part, and the positive thinking part are both relevant to my personal MS story, and so this blog is the correct place for me to talk about the issues related to it all. So here is what it says on my page on FB:

“I’m supposed to be writing a particular number of things I am grateful for. It’s either 3 things or it’s 5 things. I was supposed to start doing it sometime during the week. I forgot, sorry Gail Jury, my memory is not my best thing.
However, I will write/list 5 things I am grateful for today:
It is a mild winters day, no howling winds or pouring rain to have to deal with.
My family members present in our home are well and they love me, as I love them.
My life is moving in good directions, and I have wonderful friends who are going with me.
Our four dogs are all well and being good dogs (they may even keep on being good dogs all day).
I am feeling well. Surely being able to feel well is a fine thing! I think so.

So, task for the day is done. More tomorrow, maybe the same things, maybe others, depending on what feels right at the time. I think writing about this for my blog would/will be a fine idea…”

My memory concerns me a little, forgetting to do things I should have done, forgetting the correct word for something. I know everyone forgets things, from time to time. The older you get, the more you forget. But I certainly don’t feel old enough to be having forgetfulness from being old, not yes. I wouldn’t be surprised if most feel the same way, of course.

Whatever the actual reason is for my forgetfulness, whether it’s age or having cognitive issues because of MS, the simple fact is that if I don’t want to forget things I’m supposed to do, I need to become better organised! It’s as simple as that. I have an iPhone I use often as a calendar, and I have notebooks I use, and others I could use, to help me to stay on track.

I’m going to be studying soon, and I know I’m going to have to work hard if I’m going to stay on track of my schedule for that. I’m in the middle of studying about working in volunteer radio too, which is exciting, but another thing where I’m going to have to remember things. Which button to push, and when, the rules about what can and can’t be done on the radio program, and so on. Life feels fast paced, and I sometimes feel like a struggling turtle, trying to keep up.

I’m enjoying my life though, not feeling stressed, just feeling busy and involved. These are good things. I have plenty of things to do, no time to be bored, but making sure I also have times for free thinking, writing, my version of meditating (this involves being outside communing with Nature). I’m also slowly writing a novel, but this blog isn’t relevant to that – the novel has nothing to do with MS, it’s a near future science fiction thing, more related to the fact of living in the country. This novel is a kind of game for me, almost like I’m only pretending to be writing it. The word count is barely moving, but I’ve given myself a year to get it done, and I’ve only been going for a month with it so far. I’m pacing myself wit it, one little bit at a time, no expectations of heaps being done quickly. This time next year, that’s about when I expect to have lots done, plenty of time still.

This idea of pacing oneself, that IS relevant to MS. I hear of the stresses some people with MS have to deal with in their lives, and feel sorry for them. MS & stress don’t go together well. This link talks about a study to look further into this. On a personal level, I certainly agree with the premise that avoiding stress, or finding better ways to deal with it, is a good thing, and helps with reducing bad effects from having MS. Looking at my life in a a positive way, enjoying my life, keeping as active as I can (or at least trying to), eating a good healthy diet, meditating, all of these things go together to limit the stress I feel in my life. 

It’s not just MS of course, everybody needs to keep their stress down to a manageable level. I find creative writing, and being involved in my community help me to stay positive. Looking at the good things in my life, and limiting the bad all help. So, thinking, every day, about the things I am grateful for, will be an asset in my task to live a stress free and positive life! 

Life is Good!


2 thoughts on “Every Day List of Things to be Grateful About

  1. Marie Bryan

    Thanks for another great post, Carolyn! With all the things you’re involved in, it’s no wonder (MS or no MS) that you have difficulty remembering things! But I think you’re head is screwed on straight and I admire your commitment to the things you’re passionate about. Hugs, Marie


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Thank you Marie, trying to doing my best, but being aware of my failings – it’s a balancing act, one I achieve well on occasions, and those times give me hope I can do better. I know I am lazy by nature, but I hope this ‘laziness’ is a way of giving myself time to just think about things. If I was an animal, I suspect I’d be a sloth …

      What animal do you think you’d be if you were one. Marie?



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