My New Thing To Do

I have as new way to spend my time. It’s not going to exercise my body (which I should do more of, because it’s a good thing to do if you have MS). It is however going to exercise my brain. This brain exercise is also a good thing to do for people with MS. 

MS can cause cognitive dysfunction, ranging from mild to severe. This link explains more about it. For me, I have experienced memory problems, and my learning abilities may be slightly impaired. It’s not great, but I still have enough marbles rattling around in my head to still be a functioning member of society. I’m working to keep those marbles, and not let them get lost. One of the ways I’m doing this is with creative writing.

Creative writing works for me in a couple of different ways. Firstly,my writing connections with other writers is enjoyable, and keeping happy keeps stress at bay. Also, writing helps my brain to make more connections, with more ways to keep my thoughts connecting up. Please note, these are my own ideas about this matter, and I make no claim they are necessarily the actual truth. I am not a nuerologist. I am merely basing this on my own lived experience with multiple sclerosis.

Anyway, my new thing, my new tool in keeping my cognitive abilities as much as I can is this one. I have joined up in a new ‘Online Content Writer. The website is this one: I started on the site a week ago, after having a friend tell me about it. She was enjoying writing articles, and getting paid for her writing, and thought I would enjoy is too.  

So I took a look, and started writing! At the moment, I haven’t made enough money to get payment, but I’m enjoying connecting with the community at the site. I’m also enjoying writing the articles. I’ve been focussing mostly on positive thinking type of posts – writing positive things and sharing them with other people feels like a great way to spend my time, and making money from it too is a great bonus! I’m not sure if my cognitive function has improved, but the good responses I’ve received from the Chief Editor of the Hub Page where most of my articles were published, I’m doing well!

  me making point at book launch

If you like to write, and you have things you’d like to share with others, why not sign up and get Hubbing!


11 thoughts on “My New Thing To Do

  1. Marie Bryan

    Another arrow in your quiver, Carolyn! I’ve read three of your articles and will go back for more. I particularly liked the one about dreams, and it generated a question for you. How can I obtain that book that you and Ally did together? Cheers!


  2. carolyncordon Post author

    Ah, a good question Marie – I have no copies left of this book, apart from my own copy. But I’m certainly considering doing another print run, once I figure out how to change some things with the copy I have on my computer. My darling son will help me with this if I beg him and or pay him. I hope he will anyway! He’s twenty, and he’s sometimes lovely, just the way young men can be, sometimes great sometimes not…

    I’ll spend some time on the manuscript today and see how I get on with it.


  3. carolyncordon Post author

    Extra work? Or extra fun? I’m a writer, I write and I produce documents using my mords, it’s all good. I suspect this may be a ‘do next weekend’ thing, rather than a do today thing. though. Although tomorrow morning is pretty free for me. We’ll see how things go. By the end of July is probably a good time periond to work toward… Keep in contact, and give me a nudge every now and then!


      1. carolyncordon Post author

        I spent some time editing the document today Marie, and I’m hoping to see a printer before the end of the month with it. It’s now four pages longer, and the setting out is better than it was. I’ve been learning over the past few years!


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      I was feeling pumped up and ready for it, and that’s how it happened. Still a few things to organise, but should be able to give it to the printer next week! Exciting times indeed!



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