Switch On the Broken Record!

“I know I’ve said this before, and probably will say it again, but – My Wii Fit Exercise Program is back on track! 25 minutes of exercise done today, weigh-in painless, and looking for more tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, and so on …”

That is my most recent post on my Facebook Page. So, today, I switched it one, hopped on and saw it had been four days since my last adventure in the world of becoming fitter. I weighed in, as written above, and the result was the same weight as the time before. Weight loss isn’t why I want to do this though. My weight is in the ideal range, kept there by paying attention to what I eat, and not mindlessly stuffing myself when I’m not even hungry.

If you don’t know much about Wii Fit exercises, this will fill you in a little on the effectiveness of it: http://www.divine.ca/en/health/articles/c_11_i_4373/the-wii-fit-plus-workout-1.html

Have a look and all will be explained. Well, not all, but a little … Our family have an added extra, so we use Wii Fit Plus. The ‘Plus’ part has more games, and includes my favourite one, which is Driving Range, where you can work on your Golf Swing. I’ve never played golf in my life, but I love this game! It’s a great work out, and if I do ever play golf, who knows, I might actually be ok at it, as my scores with this if my Wii Fit scores indicate anything!

What I want this exercise program to do is to assist with my physical fitness. I know I need to be stronger, and fitter. I realise more muscle mass could make me heavier, so I won’t mind about that at all. My jean size at the moment is good, and if I can fill my jeans with abs and glutes of steel, how cool would that be? Very cool, ice cool in fact!

So, I’ve asked my Facebook Friends to help me to keep on track, and it would be great if friends here could help me too. I’d love to hear from anyone who does Wii Fit exercises with ideas and thoughts on it. You know, favourite games, tips on best ones, all of that – sharing ideas and thoughts on things can help everyone to have a better and more useful experience. And of course sharing is always a good thing to do!


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