After First Week of My Latest Wii Fit Exercise program

Hi friends, I’m thrilled to be able to announce the great news : I managed my first week of the necessary twenty minutes of Wii Fit exercises, as announced in a previous post, and I completed the required minutes of exercise for the 5 days of the past week.

I had to be firm with myself, and I am so pleased that I finally got it right. I ignored other things, and gave my exercise the high priority it deserves, and needs. Today, I managed even longer – completing forty minutes of exercises, as well as doing some work on my biceps and triceps with a hand weight. It feels good, and it’s becoming easier to do the exercises.

I am going to make sure I manage to keep this up, but I’m still looking for others who can work with me to keep up this program… I have lots of things going on in my life, but most of those things do little to help me to work on getting my body moving, they’re more likely to involve me sitting right where I am now, on my chair in front of the computer screeen.

I enjoy my computer time, but I know it is extremely important to work on my body as well as my mind. If I can keep doing this, thirty minutes, five days a week, I will be able to keep on going, getting around wherever I want to, however I want to! I am going to continue to Use It, so I Don’t Lose It!

Are you working on an exercise program? Do you want to be an exercise buddy? Why not leave a comment here, we can encourage each other to keep on with it!


2 thoughts on “After First Week of My Latest Wii Fit Exercise program

  1. Louise

    Just found your blog!

    I found yoga on the wii a great tool for getting myself moving a bit when I was just starting to get out of bed after being bedridden for a year. It was tough at first but I gradually built up the time and exercises I did. It’s so great to be able to exercise at home!

    Good luck for sticking with your regime and achieving your goals!


  2. carolyncordon Post author

    I’m interested about how you received you diagnosis, Louise. Some of the symptoms are similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and some people I’ve met (Australians) have had issues because it’s often stated by ‘those who know – ie medical people’ that there is no Lyme disease in Australia.

    This is obviously not true. The fight goes on for those people. It’s not my fight, just an interesting look at the way medical people are often not open to new thoughts… I’m teaching my GP much about MS, I may be the only person he knows with it, but I know many now, since my diagnosis with MS in 2010.



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