What is Fame?

I ask the question, but of course ‘Fame’ means different things to different people. There are people who are famous because of their sporting prowess, and others because they are great at singing, or dancing, or acting. Some other people are famous because they have powerful postiions in life, politicians and so on.

I’m none of those things. If I was up of a stage singing or dancing, it wouldn’t bring me fame. It may well bring people to take me away and lock me up in a padded cell. Or at the very least, throw me out of the premises. I’m not a politician, although I have run for public office in the past. I ran for a councillor spot in the Local Council elections some years ago. I didn’t get in, but I did get more votes for one of the other people running. I guess that’s a start, of some kind …

I was going to run again in the local council elections happening soon in South Australia, but my husband pointed out I was probably too busy to do that. I thought about it briefly, and had to agree with him. I’m always happy to consider things pointed out to me, and agree if the other person is correct. Doing anything else is stupid. I certainly don’t want to become famous for doing stupid things.

What I want to be famous for is none of those things. I’m not a wonderfully good sportsperson. I’m a moderately OK lawn bowler. That is the extent of my sportsmanship. My maternal grandparents were extremely good lawn bowlers many years ago. They were both club champions at various times. I’m nowhere near as good as that. My son is or has the potential to be, but having a son who is a good lawn bowler isn’t going to bring me fame. It might bring him some level of fame, if he keeps on doing it, who knows.

No, what I’m going to become ‘famous’ for, if it ever happens, is writing. Writing is what I do, what brings me joy and feelings of self-satisfaction. People outside of my family know me mostly because of my words, my written words. I’ve had some spoken word engagements, and hope to have many more, but my written words, fiction, non-fiction and poetry are what will bring me fame. The public speaking will come because of my fame as a writer.

I have various books published, ‘My Dog’, ‘Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs’, ‘damaged children, Precious Gems’ and ‘Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS’. These books will be involved in my fame – they will show my abilities to write about various things, in interesting ways, serious at times, funny at other times. Knowing how to get the correct pitch, to be funny when humour is needed, be sensible and serious when needed, these are talents I have. My writing has been described as uplifting, and that is surely what I would love to be famous for – to be uplifting to others, and to bring them hope and positivity.

Following from this is my desire to be known as a funny person. I’d love to be a stand up/sit down comic at some stage. Next month there will be a workshop being put on by Adelaide Plains Chapter and Verse group, which I head. The workshop is on writing comedy, and I expect it will be extremely useful to me. At the moment, the sit down part isn’t so necessary, but there’s no telling what the future may bring. I just glory in my current level of ability, and work through any disabilities. That’s just the way I am!

me making point at book launch

photo by Martin Christmas


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