Many Ways to Feel Good!

Not everything in my life is focussed on my chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In fact, not much in my life is directly connected with MS. Most of the important things in my life are connected to my family and creative writing. MS has affected my life in many ways, but I’m still going well with my life, doing a variety of things that interest me.

So, with that in mind, I will talk about something that has only a little bit to do with MS. This thing is fashion. I certainly don’t claim to be a fashion expert, but I do claim to know what colours suit me. And I know that when I’m wearing those colours, I look better and I feel better. The clothes I wear are almost always comfortable, and casual – I’m a comfortable and comfortable kind of person!

I recently went on a bus tour a friend of mine organised. We toured around part of the greater Adelaide area, visiting eight Op Shops (Opportunity Shops). It took all day, and we had lunch as well as the shops. Lots and lots of fun, and I came home with a lovely array of new clothes, that I know would fit in well with my other clothes.

And how did I know this? I knew this because they all matched mt ‘look’! I found my ‘look’ when a dear friend told me about the joys of knowing what your colour season was, or thinking about it, that dear friend may have actually been a book I borrowed from the library. Hmm, yes that’s right. Well, books can certainly be dear friends! Payneham library, many, many years ago.

My colour range is the autumn colours – I know that if I’m wearing these colours, I look good – and If a person knows they look good, it makes them look even better! So now, I only buy clothes in those colours, so everything matches everything else.

So, do you know what season you are? The link here can help you work out what your season is, and so what your ‘palette of colours’ includes. Take a look and see what you think. I’d love to know what other people think about this idea!


7 thoughts on “Many Ways to Feel Good!

  1. Marie Bryan

    I had my colors “done” years ago in the 80s. I am a “cool” Winter, although I can get away with some Summer colors. And I’ve always really loved what I call “jewel” tones. I love to wear and be surrounded by royal blues, vivid purples, and turquoises. I have always worn a lot of black, but only fairly recently have I started wearing white. I’m such a klutz that I worry about spillage! I know color makes a huge difference in my state of mind. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Carolyn!


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      I really enjoyed writing that one, Marie! I have very strong feelings toward Autumn – the cool relief from summer’s fierce heat, and the glorious colours of the leaves before they fall. The Australian bush is a treasure of autumnal hues, and they make me feel at peace with the world.

      Your winter colouring, Marie, goes beautifully well with those lovely jewel colours – my colouring just seems to deaden them, while it glows when I go with the autumn hues.


  2. carolyncordon Post author

    Yes, Marie, shopping is much easier. When I walk into a clothing shop, I scan the racks and shelves for colours, and go from there. An easy and fun way to shop for sure, it’s almost like painting a picture!



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