New Year’s Resolution Time

After the event of the week, I think my first New Year’s resolution will have to be to not fall over again! I know I can’t actually not to do that though, I never actually fall over on purpose, because I don’t like pain, and I don’t like getting bloodstains on my clothes.

Instead, I will just resolve to be mindful as I move around, lifting up my feet as needed and putting them down in safe ways. Adopting a more mindful way to go through my life, that would have to be my second New Year’s resolution. Mindfulness is something that came more to my attention in 2014 and I can see it taking a stronger hold on my attentions into this year.

My third New Year’s resolution has to be exercise. After that fall I had, which jolted me out of my complacency, I realise being physically fit is extremely important. Having muscles that do their job well will help me in my resolution to face up to the nasty Gravity that wants to knock me down! I resolve, yet again, to regularly exercise, whether it be with the Wii Fit exercises, or walking, or something eles, I will do more of it this new year!

For a fourth and final publicly stated New Year’s resolution I will resolve to do my best in my art’s practice, whatever that may be. This certainly includes my own writing, but reaches further to the writing groups I’m involved with, and the various projects planned for 2015. It also includes any other creative things I decide to take up, or continue with. Creativity will win in 2015, I can feel it in my bones.

All the best to my creative friends – whether you realise it or not, creativity is there with you in every moment of every day – you just have to be prepared to grasp it and hold it to your heart and mind!


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