How to Help Yourself

There have been some interesting results from ‘the experts’ on lifestyle and Multiple Sclerosis, that back up some of my thoughts and the thoughts of other sufferers. This is a link to the study by BMC Psychiatry I’m talking about.

The researchers had 2459 participants to be involved in a questionnaire that covered a broad range of issues. It was found that around a fifth of the respondents said they suffered from depression and it has been found that those with MS are more likely than the general populace to commit suicide.

Certainly feeling you are suffering from a disease that will be with you for your entire life could make a person feel that way. This research show ways that can be used by sufferers to assist with a better life, where they can more easily take part in ‘normal’ life. Keeping to yourself and to getting out and about won’t help, but with MS, mobility issues can stop a person from being able to actually get ‘out and about’.

It can feel at times like a no-win situation. But knowing some easy things can actually help you can certainly help you to see some ways you can get some wins. This is from the study: “Regression analyses showed that poor diet, low levels of exercise, obesity, smoking, marked social isolation and taking interferon were associated with greater depression risk. Participants who supplemented with omega 3s, particularly flaxseed oil, had frequent fish consumption, supplemented with vitamin D, meditated, and had moderate alcohol consumption had significantly reduced depression risk.”

On a personal level, I can say that I am trying some of the things that seemed to help. I currently take vitamin D supplements, eat a healthy diet with an increased level of vegetables and fruit. I take fish oil capsules (I can’t eat fish). I also try to exercise several times a week, using our Wii Fit machine.

I know that when I am exercising regularly, I feel more able to do more. At the moment I think I’m still in ‘Christmas’ mode, and the exercise isn’t happening. We’ve had extremely hot weather too, and it looks like that will continue for a while longer. I have good air conditioning in the house though, so really, I could be doing more. I’m getting over a bd fall I had recently, and once I’m more over that, I’ll get back to my exercises. I know I’ve written those words many, many times!

I’m interested in hearing from others who do some of these things that help them go OK with their MS.


2 thoughts on “How to Help Yourself

  1. Lee Duncan

    I’ve had MS for about 12 years now. I eat a lot of fish, rarely eat meat, swim two to three times a week (in summer), use flaxseed oil…….and I’m doing well. No flare ups in all that time. I also avoid stressful situations where possible. Good to know there is something I can do to manage the condition.


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Thank you Lee. I’m glad you’re able to help yourself the ways you are – it’s an empowering thing when you tke control of these things and they work for you, isn’t it? I don’t eat fish, but fish oil is a regular addition to my morning medictions.



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