Monthly Archives: February 2015

It’s Summer and the Weather is NOT Fine!

I hope anyone reading this is feeling pleasantly cool, if it’s summer, and pleasantly warm if it’s winter. When you have MS (multiple sclerosis) hot weather is usually quite bad for you. Where I live, (the Mallala district in South Australia), we’re in the final month of summer, and the temperatures are not in the pleasant levels, not at all. Yesterday the weather was extreme (45 C +), with cloud, so hot and humid, with no real respite unless one could stay inside, or jump in a source of water – pool or beach perhaps. Today is almost as hot, with slightly less cloud, but still unpleasantly hot.

We have a swimming pool and my husband and son certainly both jumped in to cool off yesterday, and again today. I know I could do the same thing, but I just don’t like pools that much, I don’t really know why. There may be some forgotten memories of swimming lessons gone wrong that I’ve been hiding from myself for forty-five years. Hmm, I don’t think so. It’s probably more to do with just feeling lazy …

Anyway, The men in the family can go outside and cool down, I’ll stay in here inside, with the air conditioner doing a good job holding off the heat. It’s currently 27 C inside. It’s been cooler, but it’s still OK. My MS is behaving relatively well, as long as I don’t overdo things.

I have my cooling neck tie thing around my throat at the moment. I was going through things inside yesterday and found it. I knew then next day was going to be hot too, so I soaked it and once it was all puffed up I put it in the freezer to get it nice and cool. Of course I forgot about it until I got something out of the freezer to defrost for the dog’s tea tonight. I left the thing (which I’ve now discovered via the internet is a neck wrap), out with the meat to defrost as well.

I’m now wearing my neck wrap around my neck and feeling nice and cool as I sit here – computer screen in front of me and TV screen with the cricket showing, over to my right. I have some fruit nuts and seed mix on my left, and an almost finished cooled cup of coffee on my right. My son is up in his room, with his computer and his air conditioner switched on, my husband has just sat down at the table behind me, the dogs are all in this cool room with us, and life is good!

I know I’m lucky to have all of these pleasant things to live a comfortable life. I know others with the same disease as I have endure far less pleasant conditions, and don’t live as easily and well as I do. I feel for them, and hope everyone finds ways to live the best possible life they can. Personally, I’m looking forward to Autumn coming along, bringing pleasant weather and the glorious colour changes in the deciduous trees. Even though I live in Australia, there are still plenty of those trees around the place.

If you’re living in Australia, I hope the weather is being kind for you, and if you’re on the other side of the world, I hope winter isn’t being too extreme in the other direction. Extreme cold weather can be hard to live with for most people, MS or not. So, take care everyone, and live well!