Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sounds Like a Broken Record

I know anyone who follow this blog will have read this kind of thing before, it’s an ongoing theme of mine, but it’s important, so here it goes:

I’ve yet again begun my Wii Fit exercise program, hoping, yet again, that I’ll stick with it! Three days a week, working up to at least half an hour a day. Today is day one. I switched on my Wii Fit machine, which told me it had been 19 days since my last visit. I hung my head a little, the readied myself and got on with it.

It’s been proven that exercise is good for people who have MS (Multiple Sclerosis)¬†When I was first diagnosed in 2010, my neurologist told me it would be good for me if I walked regularly. (Half an hour several times a week, is what he said, I think)

The weigh in went well enough, I’d stuck with my weight, which is in the ideal range, no problems there. Then I began the exercises, hoping I’d be able to do at least ten minutes, taking it easy on myself at this early stage. Given this intention, I’m happy to report I managed 20 minutes, even making a PB with the Hula Hoop exercise!hula hoop for blog

I didn’t go so well with some of the others, but as I said, it’s the early stages again …So I’ve put the word out on my Facebook page, and I hope my friends will help remind me to keep on track with this program … From past experience, I know that the more I exercise, the better I will feel. Exercise is good for us MSers not only physically, but seems to assist with congnitive problems too.

I’m hoping with my exercise program going again, and with the improvements in the weather, as we move into Autumn and away from the disabling heat of Summer, I’m going to get fitter and thinkier! My creative writing is good my my cognitive abilities, and my esercise is good for that too. And my community connections are all good for my social well being too, and having my FB friends involved with my exercise program feels good as well – I may inspire others to do more physical exercise, and many people could do with more of that in their lives!

Being told I’ve inspired someone to do something good for themselves, really makes me happy!

If you have MS, and you use the Wii Fit exercises, I’d love to hear from you! We can compare successes, and talk about favourite exercises! We have Wii Fit Plus, and my favourite exercise isn’t really a very active one, but I reward myself with it – it’s the Snowball Fight game. I’m not as good at this one as the other family members, but with practice, I’m getting better and better. It’s lots of fun.