When Life Gives You Nothing, Stop Accepting the Deal!

In life, we have certain paths we all seem to follow – go to school, get a job, fall in love, marry, have children, more or less in that order. For some people, that brings them enough, they have a great job, someone they’re thrilled to spend the rest of their life with, kids who are great.

But everyone has those things. Some people would like to do other things, but don’t because those ‘other things’ don’t meet society’s norms, so they go on, every week working hard and hating every moment of it. Society doesn’t care about their unhappiness, in fact society is happy about it, because society wants us all to spend our money, and unhappy people are always buying more stuff, hoping that ‘stuff’ will make them happy.

It won’t make them happy though, so they’ll have to buy more ‘stuff’ and so it goes, on and on, more ‘stuff’ and never finding happiness. Happiness though doesn’t come from getting lots of new things – car, home, furnishings, partners. Happiness comes from within, when you pay more attention to what you truly love to do, see, eat, cherish!

If you look closely at your life, you’ll realise the truth of this. And if you’re brave enough and wise enough, you’ll stop doing the things that you hate doing, and start doing what you love to do. “But I need that job, I can’t afford to give it up” you may say. But do you nearly need that job? Could you find a way to get the money you need to eat and be sheltered by doing what you love to do?

Painting, gardening, hiking, travelling, writing or caring for creatures. These are a few random ideas about things you may love to do. If you look into it, there are ways to make money doing all or some of these things. Are you brave enough to give up doing what’s killing you, and start doing what will help you to become more truly alive than you’ve ever been before?

I’m thinking about these ideas and looking at ways to do this very thing myself. Putting the word out, looking for opportunities, hunting for ideas, opportunities, possibilities, I’m having fun, and I hope I can connect with others interested in these ideas too! So friends, who’s keen to find their own new deal in life?


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