What is this Blog All About?

You might think this blog is all about Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Well it isn’t, not All of it. It certainly has a lot about MS in it, but it’s also about exercise, diet, a bit of philosophy, some funny stuff, the odd mention perhaps of dogs and gardens, and about writing. There may be a wide variety of other things that can be found on this blog.

This blog is actually about LIVING WELL with MS. And that Living Well part of the blog, and of my own life, are extremely important. Existing with MS is certainly not what my aim in life is. I aim to live well, live a good life, live a life that inspires me and can be inspiring to other people. The title of this blog, which is also the title of the memoir I wrote about my new life with MS, has the term Living Well With MS, right there.

aleppo pine

One of the keys to better health is to live well. This can include good nutrition, enough exercise and minimisation of stress. I aim to follow these three points in my life, and I believe I am doing well because of that. That’s not all there is to living well though, in my opinion. I believe living a good and connected life, and having a ‘positive thinking’ approach to life are also important.

I’ve recently done some training in Mindfulness, which incorporated meditation as well as looking at life in a mindful way. This training was useful for me in part because I learned new things. It was even more useful for me, I think, because it backed up many of my own thoughts about the benefits of being connected with community, and doing things for others, finding ways to help and so on.

Doing the things you enjoy doing are also important in living a good life. I’m fortunate that some of my favourite things to do are easy for me – I love writing and that is certainly easy to do, sitting here at my computer, with food, drink and toilet facilities close at hand. I also enjoy being involved with others who love to write, leading two writing groups and being a committee member of another. These things keep me involved and actively engaging with my writing community.

Being the editor of the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle is also one of my interests. This is a newsletter that goes out to members of the town of Mallala and others interested in what goes on there. I’m proud and happy to have been involved in this newsletter from the start back in 2005 or 2006, and am also happy to have taken this little newsletter from 4 A4 pages at the beginning, to the current 20 – 24 pages. The Chronicle is now printed in colour, with interesting articles, some of which are sent in by residents, and with advertising opportunities for local business.

These things keep me alive to the good things at home and in my broader community, and help me to Live Well with MS!


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