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Excitement Need Not be Stress!

I currently have an exciting event happening, that is taking up a lot of my attention. I’m excited about it, it’s exactly down my alley of creative writing, and it seems to be going extremely well. I’ve felt like this about an event before, but that actually turned out to be a not quite so good thing.

That event was the launch of my first collection of poetry – “damaged children, Precious Gems”. The launch went well, lots of people there, including the artist who did the painting I used for the front cover of the book. It was all lovely, many books were sold, and everyone was wonderful. The only sad thing was that my MS symptoms kicked in, and I has leaning heavily on my walking stick, by the end of the event.

This current event is possibly even more exciting, and it goes for several days, over lots of hours. I’ll have to be active, have a bit of walking involved in the happenings of the weekend, and I certainly don’t want to have to get out my stick or cane.

I feel differently this time though – for the previous event, I was the main person organising things, and it was mostly all up to me. This time, I have a great team working with me. I really home this will be the difference that will help me to keep going on my two feet, and no stick!

There is a kind of stress called “eustress”. This is the kind of excited feeling you get when you are feeling stressed, but in a positive and happy way. I hope this is the kind of stress I’m having. It’s keeping me awake at night a little, but I’m still getting enough sleep in between bouts of restlessness.

This time, I’m working with a group of other people who are involved in the event too, and we are all taking on different tasks, or working together on certain aspects. There haven’t been many things go wrong so far, and the worst thing gone wrong was easily dealt with, and will turn out fine, as far as I can tell. I accepted the thing that had happened, agreed with the proposal put to me to deal with the issue, and moved on. All good.

This has been my attitude all the way along – positive, and “All Good”! The event is the Gawler Festival of Words – it begins tomorrow, and continues all weekend. Details are on the website. So this event will be happening from tomorrow afternoon, all over the two days of the weekend, and on Monday, life will go back to normal. Or will it? If this Festival is a success we are certainly doing it all again next year, and every year after that. It’s all good, Words are the winners and so are all of the people who love words who can be there with us!

MS Fatigue – More then just Being Tired

If you know someone with MS, you may have heard them say they’re suffering from fatigue, meaning MS Fatigue. If you don’t have MS, but replied that you get fatigue sometimes too, you have proved that you don’t understand.

When you have MS, being a bit tired can be fixed up by a sit down for a while, the same as anyone else. When you have MS and you’re fatigued, that bone deep desperate, that sets in and just won’t go, then you know what fatigue truly is. This kind of fatigue, MS Fatigue, will need more than a sit down ‘for a while’ to get over it. It may need a few hours sleep at the end of the day, and then a good night’s sleep after that.

This linked article describes it well. Some days, you know you don’t have a full tank, and you won’t be able to get anywhere close to where you may have wanted to go. Or as far as other people want you to go. Maybe the next day, you could do it, but with that crushing fatigue, you know you have to stay home and rest.

It’s a frustrating thing, for both the sufferer and for their loved ones too. I can imagine it’s frustrating if you employ someone who has MS, and sometimes can’t get done the work you want them to do. Be assured that person is frustrated too, and isn’t just casually staying home, or working slowly. The issues need to be properly explained to employers, I think, but I know some people keep their MS diagnosis, and just try to ‘soldier on’.

For me, this was not an issue. I left the full-time paid workforce after the birth of my some nearly 22 years ago. I’ve done some paid work since, but only part-time, and not much since I was diagnosed with MS in 2010. I’m a writer, and some of my writing brings in some money – but not a lot of money. Fortunately, I am living with my husband who is also my carer. He has enough money for the three of us to live a reasonably good life. I’m eternally grateful for that. If I had money stresses in my MS life, Id be in a much worse position.

I also do volunteer work, related to writing. I have great friends, both other writers, and assorted others. I plan my time, staying home if fatigued, but getting out and about when I’m feeling good.

That’s how my MS life goes, I’m doing lots of interesting things, but I know that could change at any moment. I’m living a relapse free life, going well with my current medication now. Next week though, I don’t know I’ll still be doing as well. and I have no way of knowing what the next week may bring. By good planning, and by listening to what my body tells me, I’m doing well. I don’t take advantage of it though, and I do my best to eat the right things, and to do some exercise. If I look after my body, I hope my body will keep doing the right thing for me.