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When I Grow Up …

I remember a time, way back when I was at Klemzig Primary School, I strongly felt I wanted to do something with dogs, when I grew up. Whether that something was a vet assistant, or something else, I didn’t know, but I just knew it would be something with dogs.

This must have been my middle Primary years, back before our family actually got a dog as our pet. This pet was a dog, yes, but by the time Snoopy came into our family, I had moved on to other things as my top priority, boys mostly, the same as many teenage girls. Life moved on, I moved from being a student to becoming a worker. Was my work involved with dogs or other animals? No, not at all.

My mother had convinced me to try out for the Public Service Clerical Assistant test, and I got lucky, with the offer of two different jobs, wow, from student to actually earning money, doing what? I didn’t know what it would be at the time, and didn’t really care, I would be earning money, money, money! So I chose a job in the Australian Taxation Office and began my working life working in an office, with not a dog in sight, except perhaps for the old dogs who inhabited their dens/offices and snooped around the taxation affairs of the Australian taxpayers.

It was while I was working at the Taxation Office that I met the man who brought dogs into my life. Graham, my now husband of almost thirty years, my one time dog breeding partner in Holkschter Kennels had a dog when I first met him and the number has almost never gone below at least one since meeting him.nena-jpups3

So through knowing Graham, and going on the show and then breed first Standard Schnauzers and then Pharaoh Hounds, dogs finally became an important, if not terribly profitable part of my life. I love our crazy/fun/lovely pack of dogs though, and my life is made better by having them there as members of our family!

So I suppose I’m grown up now, and I’m certainly doing things with dogs, just not what I thought it would be. Life is still great though, and I don’t think I’d like to be a veterinary nurse, I know too much now about what they have to do …

Being Kind to Self

I could have a real go at myself about letting my Wii Fit exercise program fail in the second week. I could call myself a loser, and wonder why I even bother if I’m not going to stick with the plan. I could wonder why I bother trying to do anything, I’m so useless …

Yes I could do that, but when I look at the reality, I’m actually doing lots of interesting things, things that are giving others hope and enjoyment. Useful things for me, my friends, and the broader community. I am a good person, doing good things. I’m just not good at sticking to an exercise program – no dramas!

I know being active is good for me. I know the more I use my body, the better able I will be in using my body. There are lots of ways of ‘using my body’ though, and a regimented exercise program seems to not be the perfect fit for me at the moment. That’s OK, it’s not the end of the world.

I am being kind to myself, knowing this is not going to make me move more. but knowing also that kicking myself isn’t going to help either. Yesterday I walked more than I usually do. Today I’ve done my little daily exercise that is always emailed to me. I am committed to doing this little Daily Challenges, with this program:¬†

I love this, it’s an easy commitment, and I’ve made great connections with others from around the world. Sometimes I play with the given exercise, to make it fit with me and my life, it doesn’t matter – I’m a creative person, being creative with my exercise challenges is fine!

So the point of this little article is this – Life happens, and the most any of us can do is to deal with what life gives us in the best way we can manage. Sometimes we’ll do a fine job, other times it will be far less than fine. As long as we’re doing the best we can at that moment, that’s all we or anyone else can expect!