Ah, Plans, Plans, Plans …

Well I was planning to do my Wii Fit exercises again today. I’ve stated elsewhere that I intend doing at least thirty minutes of Wii Fit three times a week, and aiming at upping three times to four times a week if at all possible. A fine plan, don’t you think? Yes, but plans are like clouds – they can look promising when you’re watching the sky for rain, but they can float past and give nothing …

So plans are good things to have, but unfortunately the best laid plans can end in nothing, as my plan to do my Wii Fit exercises today will not actually happen. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day for it, and I won’t fiddle about and run out of time for it in the morning, or that I will be able to fit it in later on in the day.

It’s not all a loss though in terms of exercise. I am emailed a Daily Challenge every day, from this website: https://challenge.meyouhealth.com
There are a variety of different ‘tracks’ to choose from, and when you sign up, you choose which track you wish to follow for a month, getting a daily challenge to complete and report on, on your page.

My challenge today was to toss a pillow, book, or similar thing into the air, clap my hands and catch the object. The fish here is the object I tossed up and caught. I did the right thing, throwing stripy up into the air, and caught him again the required five times, and threw in one or two more times, just because I could. It’s not a huge exercise, but it is a good one for working on my coordination, and I’m pleased with myself for doing it and not dropping stripy fish!

cute exercise partner

Today’s exercise partner

Stripy fish has also been a Christmas decoration – perched in our Christmas tree for a few weeks before and after  the Christmas period. It (I want to write he, but of course soft toys don’t really have a gender, not when they look like this one), it was a good choice as an object to throw into the air. My coordination can be a little dodgy at times and the threat of being hit in the head was there – it didn’t happen, but with Stripy, it wouldn’t have hurt either of us if my aim had been wayward!

So anyway, the Wii Fit may happen tomorrow, and I intend to do a little bit of extra walking today, choosing to park away from rather than directly in front of the cafe I’ll be at for a chat/group meeting at the cafe in Gawler I’m the Writer-in-Residence at. Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery is the cafe, a lovely place here art and good food are in abundance, and hugs and laughter often happen!

I have books there for sale, I hold a weekly Poetry workshop there, and I love the yummy cakes and things. And the coffee, oh the coffee – what writer doesn’t love to sit and think with a cup of good coffee close at hand? Bliss! So that’s it for now, I have to get ready for my ‘work’ at the cafe!


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