A Resolution (again)

This is my workstation, the computer desk, my favourite place to be at home. The computer is there, the keyboard is there, and yes, my small hand weights are there too. There’s also space for my drink, which at the moment is a glass of water, soon it will be a cup of coffee, I think.

This room is the main room of our house, the kitchen is just a few metres behind me, the TV is off to my right, there are a sliding door (glass) to my left and a window to my right as well as the TV. The window is easier to look out at, the TV is slightly behind me.

In the next room, not terrible far, is the Wii Fit machine, and another TV to view the Wii Fit on. So yes, everything is there ready for me, whatever I want to do – eat, drink, work, exercise, observe Nature. All the good things in my life.

So that brings me to what this post is all about. A Resolution, one I have written about here many times. Yes, I yet again am committing to do more Wii Fit exercises. I will also do hand weights every day. I have a kind of a coach, a person from the government who is helping me to get healthy, by exercising and eating well (Nutritionally speaking, not Flavourly). I’m not saying fruit and veg aren’t tasty, they’re just not a delicious as say a slice of cheesecake …

2016-03-09 12.38.22

This morning was the morning my ‘coach’ rang me to talk about how this Get Healthy program is going – I’m halfway through, and I’m finding it interesting to have a coach for the first time. They’re not the sort of coach who is in my face making me do stuff, they’re only on the telephone, not in person. But it’s always a good thing to have a person who is as committed as you are to do the things you want to do, especially when these things are good for you both mentally and physically.

The Get Healthy program is a SA Health initiative, where people can sign up for six months of either phone calls or sent information, regarding exercise and nutrition as well as other health related ideas. I signed up in January this year, and still have three months to go. I was pleased today to be told I’d lost weight since then, but still had a little way to go to get to my desired weight.

I know I’ve said I’ll do this before, but I’m hoping that by putting the word out more, I’ll be more inclined to stick to it. So to be clear, my Resolution is to do thirty minutes of Wii Fit exercises three times a week, and to do one session of lifting hand weights every day.

There, that’s it. I’ll also keep an eye on my food intake, but I know I’ll still eat sweet things sometimes, I’ll just be careful …

Has anyone else been successful at these things? I’d love to hear some tips and ideas to help me get comfortably into my jeans!






2 thoughts on “A Resolution (again)

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  2. carolyncordon Post author

    I’m sticking with this better, now. I did the Wii Fit exercises four times this week, with still one more day to go, and I might manage the Wii Fit again then … I’m also doing hand weight lifts every day, and reporting on Twitter (@holksch) when I do my exercises. I don’t think I’ve missed a day with the hand weights since I started that, last week. I may have miseed a day reporting it on Twitter …
    I feel good about al lof this, and if you feel inspired to do more exercises yourself, by my efforts, that’s great!



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