Two things – bad leading to good

The other day I drove to the place we usually get a pizza from, when we want pizza for our evening meal. I’d ordered the pizza first, and when I got there, it was ready for me, yay for that. Living out in the country like we do, we are used to having to drive a bit, to get what we want.

I went into the Dublin Hotel, where the pizza was made for us, paid for the pizza and carried it back toward my car. This all sounds quite ordinary, doesn’t it, woman with pizza, purse, car key, no problems …

Ah but don’t forget this – the woman has MS, and people with MS are more inclined than the general population, to trip and fall. So what did I do after I walked out of the Hotel? Yes, that’s right, I tripped and I fell.

One metre from the door of the Hotel, five metres from my car, down I went. I tripped over nothing at all, for no reason at all, other that the fact that I have MS. The weather was a bit warm, I’ve been feeling a little bit weak because of the weather, and it may have been time for me to have a not so gentle reminder that my life wasn’t actually perfect, and that I did indeed have a disability …

It would be nice if I can say that I leaped straight up again after the fall, and zoomed off home again, no problems at all. What I actually did after the fall, was to sit on my bottom for a few minutes, and reassure the lovely ladies who rushed out of the Hotel to help see if I was OK, and to help me. The two chaps having a smoke in front of the Hotel got involved too, and helped me to stand up again.

I wasn’t OK at all, but as I sat on the ground I’d done a quick check – the pizza was still in the box, and the correct way up, my glasses were on the ground, but not broken, my purse was on the ground too, but nothing had fallen out of it, and my car key was just there on the ground next to me. I wriggled my feet, and they wriggled properly so nothing was broken.

My little finger on my right hand was bleeding from a cut a the very tip, and I held my thumb on it to stop the bleeding. One of the ladies unlocked my car for me, and gave me my purse and glasses. Then she put the pizza in my car and asked again if I was alright. I said I was, got carefully into my car and drove off.

That was the bad …

The good?

That night, I had an idea for a short poem about this experience. I knew I had a poetry workshop to run the next morning, and one of the themes I would be talking about was short poems. I had recently learned of the idea of writing ten word poems, and I spent some time Saturday night before I went to sleep composing a ten word poem. I told myself to remember the poem in the morning, confident my aching left knee would remind me about the poem.

When I woke up, I did indeed remember the poem, Yay! It’s a simple little poem, full of angst and agony, short and far from sweet. It’s an angry poem, a painful poem about a painful episode in my life. A reminder that I had a disability, and that Gravity was not my best friend, Gravity was in fact a spiteful bitch at times!

It felt good to write out my feelings about this, I have strong opinions on the benefits of creative writing as therapy, and my experiences in life that I’ve written about have certainly been improved by writing about them. This is a good thing, a very good thing. Yes, my left knee is still painful and will be quite bruised very soon, and my little finger on my right hand is still a little bit painful if I bang the keyboard keys too hard, but things are OK, and I have a brand new poem!

I read that poem to those at the workshop and received a good response, I have a new poem, I know I will be all better soon enough, and with any luck, I won’t fall again for a long time! I know I will though, some time. I just have to hope I get over it without anything major happening, and my bones remain unbroken, and my sense of humour stays intact so that another poem can happen if needed!

So may I always have a good thing follow, if something bad happens …

Do you use creative writing as therapy? I’d love to read your thoughts about it …



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