More to Me than MS

This isn’t going to be a post about being a strong person who achieves much despite my disabilities caused by MS. I could write that post, but that’s for another time, or for someone else to writer, perhaps. No, this post is about the fact that having MS doesn’t mean MS becomes the only health problem to think about.

I have recently found out my cholesterol level is quite high. After finding that out, some idle ‘research’ online told me that the way we make the coffee (plunger method) was the worst way to make coffee, because the coffee produced in unfiltered, and so contains certain elements that can lead to high cholesterol.

So, instead of thinking about multiple sclerosis, I’ve been thinking about heart disease. In fact almost obsessing about it. This is a silly thing to do, if such obsession leads to stress, which it can in fact do. So obviously I will be better off by adopting an attitude of interested observation. Considering things in such a calm and intelligent way is a better way to go.

So with that in mind, I have conducted some further calm and considered research. I have been pleased to discover my favourite place to get coffee, Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery, makes coffee in a way that is filtered, and so is healthier in terms of cholesterol, so I can safely continue to go there, drink the coffee (which is lovely coffee), and have fun times there with wonderful friends.

Anyway, that is good, but even better, I may have been looking in the wrong direction for the blame of my high cholesterol. After looking into coffee as the cause, and knowing my diet is relatively good, in terms of nutritional values – plenty of fibre in vegetables, not too much saturated fats and so on, I then had a sudden thought. This thought, as it turns out actually is related to MS, in an off-to-the side way.

I had a thought late this morning, and looked into side effects of Gilenya, which is the medication I take that is doing a great job at keeping my MS relapse free, and helping me to live a good and relatively active life. I knew Gilenya had possible problems for people who have heart problems, and is in fact not a good idea for some who suffer with these problems.

Then I saw it, the culprit, perhaps. There is a possible link with Gilenya and high cholesterol. So coffee is safe, Gilenya is the cause, yay! Oh hang on. I love my MS medication, it has given me back a good part of my pre MS life … This is going to need some more considered thought, and probably some input from my neurologist before I take any further action. I will continue with my good nutritional habits, increase my exercise level when I can, and will continue taking this good/bad medication.

I’d love to hear from anyone else with MS who also has a high cholesterol.
If you have any other related thoughts about any of this, I’d love to hear from you too!





3 thoughts on “More to Me than MS

  1. stephen781

    Comment by: Stephen Walker

    Hi Carolyn,

    Rather than coffee being a culprit, I read the other day that it was considered very beneficial for MS.

    Many people have high cholesterol so I wouldn’t obsess over it too much.

    If Gilenya works for you, that is terrific and I hope you do well.


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Stephen. I’ve taken a look at your MS related blog, and very much enjoyed and smiled at the blog about most embarrassing moment. Personally, I reckon that if you’ve wet yourself in public, and got away with it with no-one knowing, you must be pretty awesome, and I’ve certainly had that happen. It’s these things that all add together to make you either resilient and awesome, or a broken down quivering wreck. I like being out in the public with my friends too much, being awesome and a oops forgotten the word … ah, inspiration, that’s the one, yes, I like that too much to be a quivering wreck!
      The coffee thing is an interesting one – my research has shown me that the way I usually make coffee at home – with a coffee plunger, is the worst way to get your coffee, in terms of high cholesterol. It allows the something or other from the coffee beans into the coffee. All of the filtered methods of making coffee are fine because they filter out the whatever it is.
      I love my coffee too much to stop drinking it, and I’m happy knowing that the coffee I have at my fave cafe is filtered, so there are not problems with the coffee I get there. The lovely cakes there are the problem, but they’re very aware of good and healthy dining, so they have a range of cakes and some of them are certainly perfect in small serving sizes!

      I’m the Writer-in-Residence at this cafe, the Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery in Gawler South Australia, three times a week, talking about words, and the three books I have available for sale there. It’s a fun way to live, knowing that even if I don’t sell many books, at least they’re there for people to see. And of course, the food and the coffee are lovely!


  2. Denis

    Have bloods done every three months while on Gilenya MS drug. April 2016 cholesterol 5.9, July 6.4, October 5.6, January 2017 5.1. Achieving lowering it via diet and mild exercise daily,walking. Next bloods due April hopefully 4.5/4.4 which would be great. No statins.



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