Sounding Like a Broken Record

I read my Daily Challenge email almost every single day. Sometimes I do the challenge, occasionally I don’t. I just read my post from yesterday, and it’s finally prompted me to crank up the Wii Fit machine yet again. This was the challenge I read, and one of the comments I received and answered, so here I am, putting the word out further.

I figure that if I spread the word enough, I will be prompted to get it right this time, and finally achieve my goal of making Wii Fit exercises a must do thing instead of a yeah, maybe thing.

So I’ve said I’m getting back to my Wii Fit exercise program, starting today, but I’m sitting at the computer typing these words. I’m going to close off this blog post within the next few minutes though, then turn on the Wii Fit machine (Wiindy), take off two layers of clothes, weight in, put at least one layer of clothing back on, and then get on with the exercises.

Check in here later and you may read about how proud I feel for doing what I wrote that I’d do! If you do Wii Fit, I’d love to read about your experiences with it!



One thought on “Sounding Like a Broken Record

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    I’m proud to be able to report that I did indeed do my Wii Fit exercises when I said I would. I can’t brag about my weigh in, but if I can stick with the Wii Fit program, the weight will quickly get back where it should be … I did 32 minutes of exercises, and used up 77 calories. Yay me!



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