Getting Stuff Done and Stress

I am currently in the middle of planning a Festival. This Festival will go for 3 days/some nights, and is open to writers and readers from everywhere and anywhere. There are book launches, workshops, a publishers forum, a train ride, food, coffee and more. This is an event that happened last year, and is going to be bigger and better this year. Before this event is even over, the planning for 2017 has commenced.

I am the President of the group running this Festival, and am on the sub committee doing the work to get it going. Running an event as big as this one looks like being, takes a lot of arranging of things. Presenters, venues, participants, they all need to be organised. It’s a lot of work. Am I stressed out about this? No I could be, but I’m not. I am well aware that events such as this could be stressful, but I manage my stress, because I know what stress can do to a person, especially a person struggling with Multiple Sclerosis.

Managing stress is the answer. When you get a team of people helping you, and when you give people the opportunity to star in the managing of the event alongside of you, not lording it over them, that’s when you build a great team of helpers. And when you have a great team of helpers, that’s when things will happen, all parts working together, problems worked on and fixed, no stress!

Does this sound like the way you go with the big things? Or do you think you are the only one to get the job done? The sign of a good leader is someone who gets things done – the sign of a great leader is one who works with others to get those things done. Great leaders create more great leaders! Be a great leader!



One thought on “Getting Stuff Done and Stress

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    I am thrilled with how the Gawler Festival of Words 2016 – Identity went. Visitor numbers were up for almost every part of the Festival and the responses have bee almost overwhelmingly positive. The group involved have learnt things and we will apply that knowledge to the planning for the Gawler Festival of Words 2017 – Freedom! We are tired, but extremely happy about how it all.

    My stress levels stayed at a nice level, with excitement never peaking into the danger STRESS! zone. I have a great team involved in this, and I know them well enough to be able to trust they will get the job done, when they have to.



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