Promises, Promises

I’ve been saying it for a long time, and today I finally did it! Yay to me! Did what? you may well ask. Well I’m proud to tell you that today I finally switched on the family Wii Fit machine and weighed in. I am certainly proud of myself for doing that.

The machine told me that I hadn’t logged in for 59 days or something like that, which is something I’m certainly not proud of. It also told me what my weight was. I was wearing heavier track pants than I usually wear, when I do my Wii Fit exercises, but that change in apparel doesn’t account for all of the extra weight I’ve put on since last time … I suspect not enough moving around, and too much eating higher calorie food is more to blame for most of that weight gain.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it though. I live in Australia, which means it’s winter, and I know many people also tend to gain weight in winter. This isn’t an excuse, it’s a reason. If I know the reason, I should be able to take actions to prevent or at least limit that weight gain. I can’t actually remember what the weight gain was today, I just know that it may be my heaviest weight for years … Today I didn’t do my usual trick of going easy on myself for my first time back, but I did a harder workout. Another thing to be proud of!

hula hoop for blog

I got a reasonable score with the Yoga exercise (nowhere near my best, but at least I’m trying). I did the flapping exercise where I’m a bird and land and then take off to land again on the targets. I also did the Free Step exercise, and did ten minutes of that. There were a couple of other things too, with none of them being super simple things.

I’m not stewing over it, but moving forward and using the facts to help me keep to the exercise program this time. I know I’ve said that many times on this blog. I will be trying to stick to it this time (I’ve said that before too). But the truth is that today I did 20 minutes of Wii Fit exercises and I used up enough calories to meet the small weight loss target I set today. The machine knows what I said I’d try to do, and I know what I said I’d try to do. In a month’s time, the machine and I will both know if I managed to do it.

My goal was to lose a kilogram in a month. I expect I will easily do this, but wanted to just do baby steps, to get the buzz from meeting my goal, rather than the let down if I fail to meet my goal. Motivation is what it’s all about for me. This cold weather makes it hard to get excited about doing exercise, but our house is nice and warm, and I want to meet my goals!

If you’ve had successes in exercising with Wii Fit, I’d love to read about how it went for you – leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

  1. carolyncordon Post author

    So the next day result, do I do it? Yes I did. Today I did another minute 21 minutes in total, and I’m tired, but happy. I’m not sure whether tomorrow will be another possible day of Wii Fit exercises, but if it isn’t I certainly hope the next day will be.


  2. carolyncordon Post author

    Today was another Wii Fit day, woo hoo! my weight was slightly lower than yesterday, and lower than the day before that. It’s goo to see it heading down. I want to lose another five kilograms. I can do that, I’ve done it before, and can do it again, not quickly, but in a sustainable way. I will be eating a good nutritional diet, and will be more active.



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