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Health Care Plan for MS

Yesterday I checked in with my doctor, to get a new health care plan set for the following 6 months. I saw the clinic nurse there first, and we got some numbers and thoughts organised. The scariest number was my weight, where the scales at the doctors confirmed more of less the horror of our family Wii Fit machine told me about a couple of days before. I could blame winter for my increase in weight, but of course, it’s because of me.

Yes, winter is a time for staying inside, and for eating comforting foods that often have more calories in them than are useful if you want to stay slim … Salads are summer food, cakes, muffins and fat-laden main courses are winter food. But it isn’t winter now where I live, it’s Spring. and salad, warm salad, can be eaten at any time. So yesterday, when I went to my fave cafe (Poetic Justice, in Gawler), I had a small warm salad, and only looked at the yummy muffins and cheesecakes in the display cabinet …

But Spring weather, when it’s as lovely as it is today, that’s good weather for getting outside and actually doing things, physical things. So today, that’s what I did. Before I did that though, I did something even better. Today I began, yet again, my Wii Fit exercise program. I’ve said I’ll do it so many times, it’s beginning to bore me to write the words. But this time, I’ve told the clinic nurse and my doctor about it, and it’s written down on my notes at the clinic.

So this morning the machine went on, I weighed in, cringed a little at the result, and then did 31 minutes of exercises – Yay to me! It wasn’t the hardest workout I’ve ever done, but it was a good workout and I sure knew I’d done something! I burned 74 calories in that time, and that’s certainly more calories than I would burn sitting on my bottom and typing a little bit!

So that’s today done, except that because it’s Spring, and a lovely Spring day at that, I went outside and actually did some things, as I wrote before. I did one of the Wii Fit Yoga exercises ‘Salute to the Sun’. I did that about five times, and it felt good to be stretching my muscles in the sunshine. After that, I went to the dog run we have, and I pulled up some weeds. This is another bit of a bend and stretch type of exercise, and it’s always good to get rid of the weeds I was focused on, with is the oxalis, which has seeds that are a menace for anyone with animals that have long hair, as our schnauzer does …

So my health care plan is under control, my mind is in a happy place, and my body, even though it doesn’t work as well as it could, still works well enough for me to do everything I want to do – my Mind, Body and Spirit are all going good!

Pain and Multiple Sclerosis

I was thinking about the pain thing yesterday, and can honestly say that I don’t feel any pain from MS most of the time. Discomfort, yes, from tingling and numbness in hands, legs and feet. Apart from pain from falling over, which is probably related to the MS, I only get and very occasionally only, a sharp but brief pain that shoots through and then goes, taking only a few seconds.

My main pain is the pain from realising I am slowly losing the plot with my brain – memory issues, forgetting words, slight confusion if I get stressed. I fight hard to keep my brain going, and hope I can keep on to of things for many more years. My fear is that that may not happen the way I want it to.

This thought was prompted from reading yesterday a list of levels of MS Pain on the Facebook page of the MS Society of SA & NT. This page is for those of us who have MS and sometimes carers/family. It’s a good group, where people feel safe when they talk honestly about their MS lives. Many friendships have been made and strengthened on the FB page, and finding friends who truly understand is a wonderful thing.

Many people who have MS are advised by their neurologist early on after they have their diagnosis, that there is no pain from MS. Certainly many people who have MS dispute this, and many have changed their neurologist after being told this, when their experience is quite different.

Anyway, when I read the list on that page, and saw the comments there, it reminded me that my experience is different from what people were writing about there. I almost posted the first paragraph in this piece of this post there on the Facebook page, but decided to step away from the discussion, and take it to this Blogsite (which needed another post, because I’ve been too distracted by other things to write for). Anyway, this is how pain and MS are for me and I welcome comments here from others who have thoughts on the question of pain.