Remembering How Things Have Been

I was looking at another of my blogs this morning, and found a blog post that is very much suited to this blog. I sometimes accidentally post the incorrect thing to a blog, as in this case. This error may be caused by having too many blogs, not paying enough attention to what I’m doing, my MCI (Mild Cognitive something that starts with an I – Impairment, I think).

What ever the reason (and it could just be age …), this is where you will find the blog post I’m talking about. In the post I talk about Mick the Stick, the mobility device I have that assists me when needed to get about. As the time of writing the post in August 2013, I was three years into my new life with Multiple Sclerosis, and getting more used to walking with a walking stick.

On the day in question, I was obviously feeling stronger, but still a little uncertain about my footing, so took Mick the Stick with me on a walk I wouldn’t even think about using him now. When I re-read the post, prior to decided to put up the link to it on this post, I wondered, but then remembered how frail I had felt at times with my MS. Frailty isn’t with me these days, except perhaps at night after a big day of being out and about.

I am so glad my medication and whatever it is, is working well for me, and I can almost forget I have a chronic illness. Except of course when I forget a word I know that I know, which is frustrating, but it also reminds me not to get too cocky about how ‘well’ I’m doing with things.

And then of course there are the rushed trips to the toilet which remind me even more strongly of some of my less lovely MS symptoms. Any kind of incontinence is a very nasty thing to have to deal with, and I am grateful to the government for the financial assistance to buy the items needed to deal with the issue.

Does anyone else have thoughts about the progression of a chronic illness they’re living with? Please feel free to leave a message in the comments section …




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