A List of Woes, or Not?

Well, obviously the first thing on my list of woes would be the fact I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). This disease is a chronic illness that can cause muscle weakness, paralysis and more. The generally held thing is that these symptoms will get worse over time, so that being OK will be followed by needing a walking stick then a wheelchair. This can take a differing length of time, but there is no cure …

I have certainly had muscle weakness, in fact that is the symptom that lead me quickly to seeing a doctor and then a neurologist, who gave me the diagnosis of MS. Instead of being horrified at this diagnosis, I was relieved because I had been convinced either I had a brain tumour or I’d had some kind of stroke. I knew one person with MS, and she’d been living with it for a long time.

So MS didn’t seem that bad to me really, even though I didn’t know an awful lot about it. Six years later, I know a lot more about MS, and how it is for me. I also know a lot more people who also have MS, and how it is for them. Some of those people need a wheelchair, some of the use a walking stick, so have not aids to assist with walking and some of them go on long walks or run marathons. MS is a tricky thing, and people are affected in different ways, depending on where in their central nervous system they are affected, how well they are doing with their medication (if any).

It can also depend on their attitude to life, their exercise level, their diet and just plain luck. I am doing well, I eat a nutritional diet, most of the time, and I try to walk around a bit (sometimes I get into Wii Fit exercises, and I always feel a lot better when I am doing the exercises). Why don’t I stick to doing the exercises? I don’t know. I suspect as well as having MS, I have built in laziness …

People sometimes tell me I am amazing because I do so many things. I suppose it might look like I am, but I know all of the things I don’t do, that I probably could or should be doing (including those exercises!) The things I spend most of my time doing are the things I love to do, mostly things related to creative writing. Writing, and helping others to write creatively brings me joy, joy helps me to have a positive attitude and having a positive attitude is good for my sense of well-being.filename - Copy

I enjoy many things in my MS life. One of the things I enjoy is blogging. It’s a form of writing where I can write anything I want, and connect with others from all around the world, potentially. This seems like an easy way to have some kind of influence of people, and to help people who perhaps have received a diagnosis of MS, and are wondering what to expect. It can also show things about how I live my MS life, and can show how it really is to those who don’t have it.

If you have further thoughts of any of this, please leave a comment below …


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