So, One Year almost done, the next almost Begun …

I had an overall good year for 2016, my health was relatively good, and I have been happy (more or less) with my exercise regime. (Not really … could do better) Anyway, my writing and poetry lives are going well, I still spend too much time on Social Media, but I’m beginning to get better responses to my Twitter tweets.

Life is made up of many things – health, friendship, family, creativity. And that last one went quite well this year, with one book self-published “Doggone It! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”, one book edited by me, and with poems in it myself “Winged Pods – Anthology of Hope” Front Cover– this book contains responses to the terrible fires in Pinery South Australia that happened in late November in 2015.  Another book is one published by Ginninderra Press “Tense & Still”  which is a book of poetry about the various creatures I see in my life. It’s a fine book, and I am proud of it.

Next year I will (self)publish another book, a follow-up to the one from this year. This one is planned to be launched in late July 2017, and will be titled “Dog Buddhas Thoughts”. It will be in a similar style to “Doggone It”, with some illustrations and text written from a dog’s point of view again. I almost feel like I should woof, I spend so much time in the head of the dog that lives in my head Buster the Dog, who ‘writes’ these books with me.

These fun writing things keep me relatively busy in a way, and happy and connected with the wide world. Being outside watching my dogs is good for me too and the four of them have many ways to make me laugh! I also have met some wonderful people and have had fun times with them through 2016, and intend seeing them often in 2017 too.

Life is good!


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