Doing more Helps, Doing too much Hinders

I have multiple sclerosis (MS), that is the reason for this blog, my having MS. I am many things other than simple being a person with MS though, and doing these ‘other things’, being the me that I was before MS came into my life, these are the things that keep me tracking along happily and with a positive attitude to life.

I am a poet and writer, a member of several writing groups, a dog owner, a wife and mother, a follower of the local Lawn Bowls club (Go Mallala White, Go Mallala Black). These are the teams I have family members playing in, my husband is in Mallala White, my son is in Mallala Black.

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I go along and watch their games when they play at home (Mallala Bowling Club), during the season, and I go to the finals if either of them won through to that level. This year my son’s team in fact finished well, and had their first final which they won, sending them straight through to the grand final, which is happening next Saturday, exciting times!

I am interested in the Lawn Bowls even more because I used to play the game myself, before MS came into my life. I know there are other people around South Australia who have MS and can play Lawn Bowl, and most of the time I would be able to do that too, with my reasonable level of mobility. But …

Part of living a good life involves making decisions about what things are the most important to me. Lawn Bowls is important, yes, but it isn’t the most important thing. Going to watch family members, being with them for their triumphs and their losses are important. Having my own Lawn Bowls triumphs and losses isn’t important to me at all. I prefer to look to my life with creative writing and related things, for my own triumphs, and give these things more attention.

This is the balance you need to find in your life. Look carefully at what you do, and the reasons why you do those things, give more to the things that give good things back to you. Limit your energy spent on the things that take too much energy away without giving anything good back to you. Family is important, creative writing is important, getting a bit of exercise is/should be important (oops, must do more there, it will help in small doses …)

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I think about things, and I try to always find the good in things in my life. Looking to the good and not the bad helps me to find that balance that helps me to keep on going well. I will continue on in this positive way and keep on living a good life that works well for me, and doesn’t burden me with rubbish …

Do you have any ideas on ways to live a good life? I’d love to read how you manage it!



2 thoughts on “Doing more Helps, Doing too much Hinders

  1. Marie Vonow

    Getting the balance right in life, a timely reminder to me as I find it so easy to get involved in too many different things. When I am putting too much time and effort into activities and people which/who don’t belong to my high priority list I get tired and feel overwhelmed. Thanks, Carolyn.


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Thank you Marie. As you know, I’ve recently had to re-think something in my life, and it feels good now that I have got it organised in a way that will work well for me and I hope for others involved …
      Reading my original post again, it almost seems like I had seen my future, and written myself a message.



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